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US NIGHT VISION introduces new product at SHOT Show 2018

TRIAD C1 Aiming Laser (Green Visible / IR Pointer / IR Laser Illuminator) Eye-Safe Version


As a follow-up to the recent Triad™ Mil / LE multi-beam weapon laser, we are proud to announce that an upgraded “Class 1” civilian version is now available, which incorporates a high-power eye-safe infrared laser illuminator. Also, Mil Standard-810G and ESD compliant, the Triad™ C1 is offered at an even more affordable end-user price point! Yet another stunning breakthrough in the tactical laser market, the Triad™ C1 combines both a covert eye-safe IR aiming laser and collimate-able infrared illuminator for tactical night vision operations and the very latest advanced generation Green aiming laser for dim light or daytime targeting applications. Sighting the laser is as easy as sighting in the green visible laser, which automatically aligns the IR Pointer and Illuminator.

Specifically designed for the civilian / Law Enforcement market, the aiming lasers are controlled with a single set of low-profile windage and elevation dials that greatly simplify bore-sighting and adjustment manipulations. Both aiming lasers and laser illuminator can be operated individually or simultaneously (IR Pointer/IR Illuminator) in various combinations. Activation is controlled with the included remote cable pressure pad switch or the built–in single tap “FIRE” button located on top of the housing body for easy access.

Despite all its many advanced features, the Triad™ C1 is remarkably compact and maintains a low profile when weapon mounted. The ruggedized design of the Triad™ C1 ensures continued operation when submerged or when subjected to repeated heavy recoil. The system also includes an integral Picatinny rail for additional accessories as well as an adjustable quick detach throw lever mount with lock to prevent accidental detachment in the field. Advanced features include hydraulic windage / elevations controls which require no tools in the field. The IR Illuminator beam collumation is controlled from an easy to reach knob on the back of the system. The lens cap is held in place with a rare earth magnet, while the laser is kinetic. Power is supplied by a standard CR123 battery.

NOW AVAILABLE for a SPECIAL SHOT SHOW pricing through January 31st for $695. Normal retail price is $995.

Go direct to our website and order using PROMO CODE GB007 at

Come visit us in booth #20105.


5 Responses to “US NIGHT VISION introduces new product at SHOT Show 2018”

  1. Seifer says:

    Why i see Holosun ? :)

  2. PJW says:

    Promo code does not work.

  3. Marcus says:

    How does this stack up against the ATAPIAL. Because it looks to me like all the nm statistics are in the same range. And it’s green instead of red, which is a plus.

    What am I missing here and where is it made? Because this is bordering on too good to be true.

  4. Stephen says:

    This appears to be a good, low-cost solution for those that don’t need a fully mil-spec rated laser aiming device. My only wish is that they’d used the industry standard accessory plug instead of what appears to be a proprietary plug/cable.