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Battle Arms Development – OIP Gen 2

Friday, January 25th, 2019


Battle Arms Development’s OIP Gen 2 is on display at their booth, featuring some noticeable changes since its appearance at last year’s Industry Day at the Range. The OIP Gen 2 comes in at 3.8 lbs bare and unloaded, and features a 14.5″, 1:7 twist barrel with a 5.56 NATO chamber, midlength gas system, and a pin and welded Battle Arms Ti THUMPER compensator, bringing the barrel to 16″ in length. Both the pistol grip and forend are constructed of carbon fiber, with weight-reducing lightening cuts, and the later also features M-LOK compatible accessory mounting slots. The receiver set is also aggressively skeletonized, and a majority of the components are made of titanium, including the bolt catch, gas block, bolt carrier, and takedown pins; a fixed aluminum, minimalist receiver extension/stock completes the rifle.


SHOT Show 2018 – American Defense Innovations Stinger

Monday, January 29th, 2018


This is the American Defense Innovations Stinger. One of the more unique products to be found at this year’s SHOT Show, the Stinger is a ‘Rapid Deployment Bayonet’. It is designed to mount to the underside of a forend via Picatinny rail, and features an aluminum housing which deploys a large pseudo spike-style bayonet. The mechanism works by depressing a recessed button on the underside of the housing and dragging it forward so the unit locks into place.

The Stinger is expected to start shipping around April-May 2018, and is being distributed by Paper City Firearms.


SHOT Show 2018 – IWI TS12

Saturday, January 27th, 2018


The TS12 is a semi-auto bullpup shotgun and the first shotgun in the Tavor family of weapons. Chambered for 12 gauge shotshells, the TS12 features a 15+1 capacity (12+1 with 3″ shells), and, in a design that is somewhat reminiscent of the SRM Arms Model 1216, feeds from a rotating drum of three 5-round magazine tubes that must be manually cycled as one tube is expended. Being a bullpup shotgun, despite its 28″ overall length, it manages to house an 18.5″ barrel. A monolithic Picatinny top rail allows for the attachment of iron sights and/or optics, while M-LOK slots on the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the forend allow for the attachment of accessories.

The TS12 features an ambidextrous design, with feed ramps placed on both the left and right of the weapon for loading shells into an empty mag tube, while the charging handle can be switched from the left to the right, with the use of a tool. A crossbolt safety is placed a bit above the pistol grip, which can also be reversed for left or right shooters, as can the ejection port.


We had a bit of time with the TS12 at Range Day, and it’s a weapon that takes some getting used to, due to its design being a bit unique. Loading the tubes is simple: you load the shells into a mag tube, then depress a lever within the trigger guard (opposite the trigger) to unlock the drum to switch to a new tube. A round is automatically chambered when a fresh tube is switched to the top position. A button to the rear of the feed ramp can be depressed to eject shells from the mag tube. It’s a fairly hefty weapon with a large rubber buttpad, so it it absorbs recoil pretty well, and its semi-auto operation means you can throw a wall of lead down range pretty quickly, especially when you get used to transitioning to a new tube, after a bit of practice.


SHOT Show 2018 – TBA Suppressors – Sicario Ruger MK IV

Saturday, January 27th, 2018


TBA Suppressors was displaying their wares at a booth in the 3rd floor NEXT Pavilion, and although it was the name of this product that caught our attention more than anything, after seeing what TBA had to offer we came out pretty impressed. The Sicario is a .22LR suppressor designed specifically to interface with a modified Ruger MK IV to function as an integrally-suppressed pistol.

Despite being integral, the Sicario consists of a quick-detach two-piece system. The standard spec barrel on the Ruger is replaced with a ported barrel with a 1/2×28 thread pitch for mounting the monocore and sleeve.

The end cap of the Sicario is broached for an allen wrench, although TBA designed it so you can disassemble it using the Ruger magazine, if need be.

TBA also offers a ported adapter that threads onto any other 1/2×28 threaded .22LR barrel, which interfaces with the core and sleeve exactly like the replacement Ruger barrel. This allows the suppressor itself to be mounted to virtually any compatible .22LR firearm. In the gallery above, you can see the adapter, then mounted onto a S&W M&P .22 Compact, and finally with the Sicario suppressor mounted to the pistol.


SHOT Show 2018 – GlockStore SS80

Saturday, January 27th, 2018


In the same vein as Polymer80, GlockStore is now producing an 80% Glock pattern pistol frame, the SS80. The SS80 is a single-stack 80% frame that is compatible with Glock 43 components. Made of a nylon/polymer blend, the SS80 frame features a textured grip and double undercut trigger guard for comfort and control. A blank serial plate on the dust cover allows the maker to etch their own serial number for the pistol. Additional feature include an extended beavertail and extended rail system.


Also as with Polymer80, the SS80 comes with a jig and drill bits to assist with completion of the frame.

The SS80 is expected to start shipping mid-March.


SHOT Show 2018 – Brownells Retro Rifle Line

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Brownell’s Retro Rifle line is on display at their booth at SHOT Show. The full details of the line can be found here, but as a reminder, the Retro Rifle line consists of four 5.56mm and two .308/7.62 rifles built to the correct styling for US military issued rifles in the 60s, or in the case of the .308 rifles, built to Eugene Stoner’s original AR-10 design.














SHOT Show 2018 – SOG Knives PowerAccess Deluxe

Thursday, January 25th, 2018


The PowerAccess Deluxe is a new multitool from SOG Knives. Made of 5Cr15MoV steel with a stonewash finish, the PowerAccess Deluxe has 21 tools, as well as a 12-piece hex bit kit, and the components can be opened while keeping the tool closed. This tool utilizes SOG’s compound leverage gripping power. With this feature, and the wire cutters, we were able to slice clean through a penny the rep had on hand.


Another cool feature of this and other tools in SOG’s new line is the ability to retain a bit while the tool is closed.


Here’s a shot of the PowerAccess Deluxe fully extended.

SHOT Show 2018 – HK433 Modular Assault Rifle

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Stay tuned for coverage from SHOT Show 2028, when HK formally announces a semi-auto civilian variant for the US market.

The HK433 is a modular assault rifle in development by H&K, which is currently undergoing evaluation with the Bundeswehr to replace the G36 as Germany’s new service rifle. This particular model shown at the show was revealed by a rep to be a 4th iteration prototype, and we were told that it’s expected that several more prototype iterations will be made before the design is finalized.

Getting to the details of the rifle, the HK433 is a lightweight, gas operated rifle chambered for the NATO standard 5.56x45mm cartridge. It features a flat, non-reciprocating charging handle, with toolless conversion for left and right-handed shooters. The standard handguard has HKey attachment interfaces at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, with a Picatinny rail at the 6 o’clock position, although HK notes there’s an M-LOK interface handguard that will also be offered. A monolithic sight rail along the top of the weapon allows for the attachment of red dot sights, scopes, and other optics.

The lower receiver is ambidextrous and exchangeable for either a G36 or HK416 style magazine release; the model at the show was set up with the G36 paddle release. The HK433 is capable of semi-auto and full-auto fire, with a 45 degree safety lever that can be engaged in either cocked or storage condition. The HK433 features a foldable buttstock with height-adjustable cheek rest that is also retractable to 5 different positions. The entire weapon is designed for tool-free disassembly with the major assemblies held together with captive pins. Interestingly, the receiver features a maintenance-free round counter, which also stores info on the serial number, weapon type, year of manufacture, and more, which can be read with RFID technology.

Multiple barrel lengths will be offered for the HK433, from 11″ to 20″, and the gas port will be fully adjustable without the use of tools.

The HK433 will be offered in Black and Flat Dark Earth.