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SHOT Show 2018 – FightLite Industries SCR ‘Raider’ Pistol

Thursday, January 25th, 2018


The SCR ‘Raider’ is a pistol variant of the SCR, a weapon that blends the aesthetics of a traditional rifle with the trigger and safety of a shotgun, and the upper receiver of an AR-15. Because of this, FightLite was able to use a modified Shockwave Technologies’ Raptor grip to turn this rifle into a pistol. The Raider is offered in multiple variations:

– 5.56 and .300 BLK
– Threaded barrel or w/ Muzzle Brake
– KeyMod or M-LOK forend


We got to try a 5.56 version out at Range day, and despite its intermediate caliber and relatively small size, the Raider is a pretty smooth gun. It spits fire and is loud, especially under a range enclosure, but it’s extremely controllable. Oh, and running one of these with a red dot or reflex sight is highly recommended; iron sights would be a bit awkward to use the way its designed.

SHOT Show 2018 – ZRODelta Genesis Z9

Thursday, January 25th, 2018


The immediate thought when picking up the Genesis Z9 was “This looks and feels like an aluminum Gen 3 Glock.” Given the general look of the Z9, and the fact that there is a fair bit of parts compatibility with a stock Glock, it’s not an unfair assessment to make. However, given the wide degree of modularity the base frame offers, the Z9 is truly a pistol all its own.

Seen above is a near fully-stripped base module, which the rest of the pistol can be built around. Shooters can increase the length of the grip from carry to full, add a flared magwell, replace the back strap, and even replace the front strap to add or remove finger grooves.


Additional modularity allows shooters to swap the dust cover between compact and full, or even a dust cover with an integrated compensator.


ZRODelta is offering their own range of slides in carry, full, and long slide options. The optics cutout models can be paired with different mounting plates for a variety of common micro dots. Other Gen 3 slides, whether factory or aftermaket, are also compatible with the Z9.

SHOT Show 2018 – Troy Industries / Lead Faucet Tactical

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

At the Troy Industries booth, the full line of accessories they developed with Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical were on display.


The LFT Brokos Brace is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum. At 2″ long, the Brokos Brace is deliberately sized a bit larger than many stubby handstops, so there’s plenty of purchase to secure the brace against barriers and other platforms. M-LOK compatible.


The LFT 360 Sling Mount is designed to mount directly to M-LOK slots, rather than attach to a QD slot. It to provides 360 degrees of rotation with a mounted sling, for snag free use in a variety of shooting and carrying positions.


The LFT Flashlight Mount was is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum. It was designed to mount extremely close to the rail for better weapon control. The mount can also be reversed so the light can be used in tandem with a laser. The LFT Flashlight Mount comes in two sizes: small for mounting a SureFire E-Series light, and Large for most lights with a 1″ diameter.

SHOT Show 2018 – Ruger PC Carbine

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018


The Ruger PC carbine is a takedown carbine chambered for 9x19mm. It features a cold hammer-forged, chrome-moly steel barrel with a heavy contour, and external fluting for weight reduction. The barrel is also threaded with a 1/2″x28 thread pitch for the attachment of standard muzzle accessories and suppressors. The PC Carbine comes with a ghost ring rear and front blade iron sight, and a top integrated picatinny rail on the aluminum receiver allows for the attachment of and electronic sight or scope. Additionally, the PC Carbine can be set up for both left and right hand shooting, with a reversible magazine release and charging handle. It’s also worth noting that some, not all, trigger components on the PC are interchangeable with the Ruger 10/22, so there’s already some aftermarket support for this rifle.

The Ruger PC Carbine comes equipped in the box with a magwell for the SR9/Security-9 magazine, although a magwell for Glock magazines is also included, and is quick to install. Ruger has also released a magwell for the American Pistol magazine, that is currently available.

SHOT Show 2018 – Mossberg 590M

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018


The 590M is a box magazine-fed variant of the 590 shotgun. All the standard features of the 590 shotgun are present with the 590M (dual extrators, ambi safety, heavy-walled barrel, etc.), however the magwell features stabilizing ribs that engage with the magazine when loaded to ensure solid lock-up. The magazines for the 590M are manufactured by Adaptive Tactical, and come in 5, 10, 15, and 20-round capacities. They are a double-stack design, with hardened steel feed lips, overmolded grips, a self-lubricating polymer body, and an ASTM-A-228 music wire magazine spring.

The Mossberg 590M will be offered in both a standard and tri-rail model, the later of which includes a heat shield and ghost ring sights. Both models will come with a single 10-round magazine, and are currently in production.

SHOT Show – CMC Match Precision Glock Barrels

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018


The market for Glock aftermarket parts is continuing to grow, including an ever-widening selection of barrels, and from an initial view, CMC Triggers’ foray into that market seems to be a solid one. CMC’s Match Precision Glock Barrels are being offered for Gen 3 & 4 G19, G17, and G34 pistols, in standard and 1/2×28 threaded profiles. Made of pre-hardened 416R stainless steel, the barrels are 6 grooves, cut rifled, with a 1:10 RH twist rate, and are fluted for aesthetics. These barrels are drop-in, requiring no gunsmithing or special assembly to function, and are 100% manufactured in Texas in CMC’s facility.

The CMC Triggers’ Glock barrel line is being offered in three finishes: Stainless, Black DLC, and Brozne TiCN.

SHOT Show 2018 – Otis Technology – Mission Critical Cleaner & Lubricant

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018


Otis Technology debuted Mission Critical MC-10 Cleaner & Lubricant at this year’s SHOT Show, a premium gun care product designed by a veteran of lubricant design and application for the aerospace industry. Mission Critical has an operating temperature of 500°F to roughly -60°F, so it won’t freeze, burn off of, or carbonize on any weapon its applied to. It’s also inert, in that it won’t react negatively to any surface, so it’s safe on all gun metals, finishes, and other materials, such as rubber and polymer.

Otis will be providing a sample of Mission Critical for us to try shortly after SHOT, so look forward to a hands-on review when that comes in.

SHOT Show 2018 – KRISS Defiance Pistol

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018


The Defiance Pistol, known formally as the DMK22P-SB, is a pistol version of the Defiance .22LR rifle, equipped with an SB Tactical SBX-K Arm Brace. The Defiance features forged aluminum receivers, and is compatible with Ruger 10/22 aftermarket barrels. The Defiance is capable of feeding from many .22LR AR magazines, although only the Defiance magazines manufactured for the rifle will activate the bolt hold open function. The Defiance is also noted as being compatible with:

– Most MilSpec furniture
– Most MilSpec AR15 triggers
– Most MilSpec charging handles