SHOT Show 2018 – FightLite Industries SCR ‘Raider’ Pistol


The SCR ‘Raider’ is a pistol variant of the SCR, a weapon that blends the aesthetics of a traditional rifle with the trigger and safety of a shotgun, and the upper receiver of an AR-15. Because of this, FightLite was able to use a modified Shockwave Technologies’ Raptor grip to turn this rifle into a pistol. The Raider is offered in multiple variations:

– 5.56 and .300 BLK
– Threaded barrel or w/ Muzzle Brake
– KeyMod or M-LOK forend


We got to try a 5.56 version out at Range day, and despite its intermediate caliber and relatively small size, the Raider is a pretty smooth gun. It spits fire and is loud, especially under a range enclosure, but it’s extremely controllable. Oh, and running one of these with a red dot or reflex sight is highly recommended; iron sights would be a bit awkward to use the way its designed.

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5 Responses to “SHOT Show 2018 – FightLite Industries SCR ‘Raider’ Pistol”

  1. some other joe says:

    Especially with one of the bloopers, I half expected the second pic to be a heavily bronzed model and the coat sleeve at the edge to be brown.

  2. Strike-Hold says:

    In case Han Solo was in the market for a new blaster, he missed his chance…

  3. Keith says:

    I think Malcolm Reynolds would be all over this.

  4. pablo says:

    Without a brace that looks difficult to aim and shoot accurately.

  5. Steve Day says:

    I know it’s not exactly a practical gun, but I do find it sexy … I guess it’s because I’m a lifelong Star Wars nerd and this looks like something straight out of the OT prop dept. (It’s only lacking a slim-line scope on top).