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SHOT Show 2018 – Otis Technology – Mission Critical Cleaner & Lubricant

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018


Otis Technology debuted Mission Critical MC-10 Cleaner & Lubricant at this year’s SHOT Show, a premium gun care product designed by a veteran of lubricant design and application for the aerospace industry. Mission Critical has an operating temperature of 500°F to roughly -60°F, so it won’t freeze, burn off of, or carbonize on any weapon its applied to. It’s also inert, in that it won’t react negatively to any surface, so it’s safe on all gun metals, finishes, and other materials, such as rubber and polymer.

Otis will be providing a sample of Mission Critical for us to try shortly after SHOT, so look forward to a hands-on review when that comes in.

Otis Technology Armorer’s Tool CaseADS Inc

Friday, December 30th, 2011

I recently got to check one of these and it is wicked. The Small Arms Armorer’s Tool Case is stocked with everything you need to service standard US military issue weapons (M9, M4, M16, M240B, M249SAW, Mk19, etc.). It includes a full complement of Armorer’s Tools, (Roll Pin Punches, Hammers, and Twisting Pliers) as well as Otis’s Quick Detach Armorer’s Tool Bag and the Otis Deluxe Military Elite Cleaning System. As you can see in the photo below, Deluxe Military Elite Cleaning System is fully outfitted to clean everything from a 9mm to a 40mm.

Agencies and units can source the entire line of Otis cleaning products through