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US Army Seeks Manufacturer for M110A1 Compact Semi Auto Sniper System

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Project Manager Soldier Weapons (PMSW), located at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ, recently launched a market survey to industry to identify potential sources for manufacturing a complete M110A1 7.62mm Rifle system. The M110A1 is a lightweight, piston driven, semi-automatic, box magazine fed, 7.62 x 51mm rifle intended to engage and defeat personnel targets out to 800 meters.


As you may recall, after an extensive acquisition effort to identify a Compact Semi Auto Sniper System, a variant of German company Heckler & Koch’s HK 417 Rifle, referred to as the G28 by the German Army, was selected over three years ago by the Army for joint use. Recently, it has undergone multiple user evaluations.

Manufacturers must be capable of offering a weapon with the following attributes:
1. Operation: Semi-automatic
2. Caliber: Compatible with 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges
3. Dispersion: Capable of average mean radius of 0.75 inches at 100 meters or less with match ammunition
4. Size: The maximum overall assembled length of the rifle shall be not greater than 38 inches with the stock at its shortest position and no suppressor mounted. The stock shall be in the unfolded position if a folding stock is present.
5. Weight: The unloaded rifle with forward rails for concurrent mounting of required accessories (minimum 2″ rail sections at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions), but without suppressor, magazines, and accessories shall weigh no more than 10.0 pounds.
6. Trigger: Precision trigger where total sear engagement is released in 2 distinct stages.
7. Hand guard: A fore end that includes a fixed 12 o’ clock rail with configurable 3, 6, and 9 o’ clock rails.
8. Suppressor: A muzzle mounted, quick detachable suppressor.
9. Muzzle device: A compensator/muzzle break compatible with suppressor.
10. Bipod: Tool-less detachment featuring cant and track capability.
11. Back up sights: Iron sights offset 45 deg.
12. Sling attachment: Quick detach sling attachment points.

In addition to the above listed enhancements, the M110A1 must meet the operational and environmental requirements that were fulfilled by the original M110 SASS.

We are uncertain why the Army is interested in identifying alternative manufacturers for this system. While there are several possible reasons, anything we might put forward would be conjecture.

Companies capable of manufacturing the firearm must submit their information no later than Apr 23, 2019 5:00 pm Eastern. For full details, visit

AUSA 18 – US Army Squad Designated Marksman Rifle by Heckler & Koch

Monday, October 8th, 2018


H&K has begun delivery of the Squad Designated Marksman Rifle to the US Army, so far shipping just over 100 of the more than 6000 expected to be fielded as a Directed Requirement.

The SDMR is based on the same HK produced 7.62mm G28 Rifle selected for the Compact Semi Auto Sniper System M110A1 program. In fact, other than optic, the configuration of both CSASS and SDMR are now the same.


The SDMR relies on the SIG Optics TANGO 6 1-6x, selected in May of this year.

H&K – USC 45

Monday, April 30th, 2018

It’s Back! The USC is derived from the .45 ACP HK UMP submachine gun. But remember, it’s imported from Germany specifically for the civilian market, so some of the features we associate with H&K’s military and LE weapons, are missing.


The “featureless” skeletonized buttstock incorporates the pistol grip as well as a rubber cheek rest and recoil pad, for those of you in areas where you need to avoid scary features. However, the USC also features attachment points on the top and sides of the receiver along with handguard for optional Picatinny rails. It also features a ambidextrous safety/selector lever and oversized trigger guard for easy operation while wearing gloves and a 16” cold-hammer forged target barrel.


Unfortunately, it comes with just two 10 round magazines, but still cool, nonetheless. If this goes like the SP5K released two years ago, you’ll want to pick one up on this first release, because there may not be a second shipment.


Thursday, March 15th, 2018

I snapped a couple of photos of the new HK416A7, recently selected for use by the German Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) during Enforce Tac.


It offers ambi controls as well as a new grip which accepts inserts for different palm swells.


It’s in RAL8000 color and will be issued with the new HK Gen3 Polymer Magazine.


Finally, here’s an image of the muzzle device.


HK433 Ver 4 in RAL8000

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

During last week’s Enforce Tac, Heckler & Koch gave us a sneak peek at the latest Version 4 of the HK433 in their RAL8000 color which is a Tan variant.


You’ll notice that the different materials have a slightly different shade. This is because the coloration formulations are different for each material and are absorbed and reflect differently. At least for now, H&K isn’t going to work to match the shades precisely.


As you can see, the HK433 offers both HK416 and G36 style ambidextrous controls. It also has a two position gas port for use with or without a suppressor.


The folding stock is adjustable for comb height along with length of pull, and the weapon will function with the stock folded.


The HK433 is currently competing with a carbine produced by Haenel, one of which will replace the G36 in the German Army.

Based on this competition there are still a couple of changes in store for the HK433’s Version 5. The Charging Hane will be moved a bit more to the rear because the current location can get in the way of accessories like flashlights. Additionally, the charging handle is reversible from left to right by the shooter, but H&K is going to make it just a little more difficult to do to avoid inadvertent removal.


The HK433 will be offered with the new Gen3 Polymer Magazine we showed you last week.

No, The Marines Haven’t Issued A Contract For Additional M27s

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

I keep getting asked if the USMC has let a contract for additional M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles. Apparently, a few weeks ago a gun blog called Guns America reported that the Marine Corps had awarded Heckler & Koch a contract for additional M27s. The problem is, it’s untrue.

The author’s reasoning was that the “protest period” was over and consequently, a contract had been let. Once again, this isn’t true. For some reason, H&K representative Bill Dermody agreed with the interviewer during a video taken during SHOT Show by Guns America, giving further credence to the story.

Last Summer, Marine Corps Systems Command issued a pre-solicitation intent to solicit and negotiate with Heckler & Koch (H&K), for up to 50,814 M27 Infantry Automatice Rifles (IAR)Since then, they’ve publicly said and done nothing. There hasn’t been a “protest period” because there hasn’t been a contract award issued by the Marines.

Unfortunately, other websites who didn’t know what they were talking about, picked up the story and shared it.

Sure, the Marine Corps is interested in purchasing additional M27s to outfit their Infantry Forces and H&K would love the business, but the reality is that it hasn’t happened. At least, yet. The Commandant of the Marine Corps has publicly stated his desire to do so and I know the Marines are working toward that end, but they’ve still got some things to work out.

I promise you; as soon as I can tell you it has happened, I will.

SHOT Show 2018 – HK433 Modular Assault Rifle

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Stay tuned for coverage from SHOT Show 2028, when HK formally announces a semi-auto civilian variant for the US market.

The HK433 is a modular assault rifle in development by H&K, which is currently undergoing evaluation with the Bundeswehr to replace the G36 as Germany’s new service rifle. This particular model shown at the show was revealed by a rep to be a 4th iteration prototype, and we were told that it’s expected that several more prototype iterations will be made before the design is finalized.

Getting to the details of the rifle, the HK433 is a lightweight, gas operated rifle chambered for the NATO standard 5.56x45mm cartridge. It features a flat, non-reciprocating charging handle, with toolless conversion for left and right-handed shooters. The standard handguard has HKey attachment interfaces at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, with a Picatinny rail at the 6 o’clock position, although HK notes there’s an M-LOK interface handguard that will also be offered. A monolithic sight rail along the top of the weapon allows for the attachment of red dot sights, scopes, and other optics.

The lower receiver is ambidextrous and exchangeable for either a G36 or HK416 style magazine release; the model at the show was set up with the G36 paddle release. The HK433 is capable of semi-auto and full-auto fire, with a 45 degree safety lever that can be engaged in either cocked or storage condition. The HK433 features a foldable buttstock with height-adjustable cheek rest that is also retractable to 5 different positions. The entire weapon is designed for tool-free disassembly with the major assemblies held together with captive pins. Interestingly, the receiver features a maintenance-free round counter, which also stores info on the serial number, weapon type, year of manufacture, and more, which can be read with RFID technology.

Multiple barrel lengths will be offered for the HK433, from 11″ to 20″, and the gas port will be fully adjustable without the use of tools.

The HK433 will be offered in Black and Flat Dark Earth.

USMC Fields M38 Squad Designated Marksman Rifle

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017


Back in May we told you that the US Marine Corps planned to field M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles Equipped with 3-9x scopes as Squad Designated Marksman Rifles. Apparently, work began not long after and units are now equipped with the rifle, designated as the M38. The Marines adopted the 5.56mm M27 in 2011 to replace the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon in the infantry squad. The M27 is manufactured by Heckler & Koch and is based on the HK416.


The optic actually used has been identified as the Leupold TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T 2.5-8x36mm with a tuned Mk262 77gr turret. Interestingly, the Marines are supposed to transition to the M855A1 round this year.


In these photos, Marines with 3rd Battalion 8th Marine Regiment fire the M38 Squad Designated Marksmanship Rifle during a live-fire weapons exercise at range F-18 on Camp Lejeune, NC, Dec. 8, 2017. Photos by LCpl Michaela R. Gregory.