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H&K – USC 45

It’s Back! The USC is derived from the .45 ACP HK UMP submachine gun. But remember, it’s imported from Germany specifically for the civilian market, so some of the features we associate with H&K’s military and LE weapons, are missing.


The “featureless” skeletonized buttstock incorporates the pistol grip as well as a rubber cheek rest and recoil pad, for those of you in areas where you need to avoid scary features. However, the USC also features attachment points on the top and sides of the receiver along with handguard for optional Picatinny rails. It also features a ambidextrous safety/selector lever and oversized trigger guard for easy operation while wearing gloves and a 16” cold-hammer forged target barrel.


Unfortunately, it comes with just two 10 round magazines, but still cool, nonetheless. If this goes like the SP5K released two years ago, you’ll want to pick one up on this first release, because there may not be a second shipment.



13 Responses to “H&K – USC 45”

  1. Jake says:

    When are they going to be available? Can’t find any in stock online.

    ***Can’t access the website, government computer will not connect.

  2. Kris says:

    But will they have a 10MM model?

    • mike says:

      they’ll have enough trouble selling it in .45ACP. If you want it in 10mm buy and convert; like he implied there likely won’t be a second run.

  3. BillC says:

    Eww… Gross. I’ve only shot a USC converted to a semi-auto clone of the UMP, it was lackluster. Feels like an airsoft toy with an extremely heavy bolt. I’ve heard that makes it even less stellar for the select fire versions. Wasn’t a fan of the mix of MP5 and AR style controls. I can see why these never really took off in any market.

  4. Uncle Dan says:

    They need to make an MP5/10 pistol w Brace available for American market.

    I had a MP5/40 issued to me in Narc unit for 5 years. Miss it!

    I’d come w $2K for a 10mm pistol!

  5. SpankDaddyCool says:

    Glad I sold mine before they have more on the market.

  6. fritz bousigschouer says:

    another fail

  7. LCSO264 says:

    I don’t see how this is a failure? there are people lining up to buy these, albeit not a huge number of people. Hell, there is an entire secondary market of manufactures for parts, caliber conversions, and modification of these to semi-auto UMP’ish spec. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but certainly there are people who will buy these up and then pay to have them converted to UMP’ish spec.

    As I understand it, these were guns/pats in storage (or whatever), so it makes business sense to sell them, rather than sit on them.

    Now, that said, I really would have liked to have seen a German .45acp MP5. But, the MP5’s day has all but passed, despite myself and some other’s clinging to it like our childhood security blanket…..

    • SpankDaddyCool says:

      They were crappy the last time they came out. Now there are alot more competitive pistol carbines that don’t have to be Frankensteined to be at all “cool”.

      • LCSO264 says:

        not everyone’s cup of tea. You are correct in the much wider variant of pistol caliber carbines available today, vrs. 15-20 years ago. competition drives development. I don’t think crappy is the right word. much like the USP and other HK products, they were at the leading edge of features that we all expect as standard today.

        The USC/UMP is bulky, for sure, she is a big girl. however, the integrated forend rails, and top rail at the time of the UMP/USC design and initial release were new feature. At that time AR pattern rifles didn’t really have pic rail anywhere but the flat top.

        Although bulky, it is a super reliable auto loading rifle/carbine (sbr), that is very accurate, or as accurate as to be expected for the .45acp being pushed to ranges greater than traditional handgun ranges.

        The thumb hole stock style design was a matter of getting around ridiculous import regs and the AWB, as well as the limited mag-well. We can only blame ourselves (our government) for these features. I will say, the stock on both the USC and the UMP is not great, particularly in the LOP department. That said, there are option that address the stock issue nicely.

        At the end of the day, it is what it is, and they will sell, and the secondary market will see business because of the sales. It is a win/win for everyone who is interested in the platform.

    • Rob says:

      The ones we have here have new proof marks so they are new manufacture.