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AUSA 18 – US Army Squad Designated Marksman Rifle by Heckler & Koch


H&K has begun delivery of the Squad Designated Marksman Rifle to the US Army, so far shipping just over 100 of the more than 6000 expected to be fielded as a Directed Requirement.

The SDMR is based on the same HK produced 7.62mm G28 Rifle selected for the Compact Semi Auto Sniper System M110A1 program. In fact, other than optic, the configuration of both CSASS and SDMR are now the same.


The SDMR relies on the SIG Optics TANGO 6 1-6x, selected in May of this year.


21 Responses to “AUSA 18 – US Army Squad Designated Marksman Rifle by Heckler & Koch”

  1. Steve says:

    Component manufacturer’s sure investing in a lot of white laser etching for a rifle that’ll only be advertising Krylon in the near future.

    • Norm says:

      The truest thing I’ve read today. Thank you.

    • Patrick says:

      That’s probably so they can have the AUSA showpiece talking points but like the URG-I they may be shipping with subdued markings.

    • Kris says:

      What company commander is going to let his guys paint this? Beind SOME soecial units no one ever does that.

  2. Darkhorse says:

    When is the army patenting it and releasing it’s version?

  3. tangloppen says:

    whats all the fuzz about Sig? The optics i have used have been inferior…
    Army gone cheap..?

  4. Mark says:

    It is 2018….why is a Harris bipod even still remotely a consideration on a modern weapon?

    • Steve says:

      Because it’s fast to deploy and built like a brick shit house. All the fancy ones (looking at you, Atlas) are great on a bench but slow as hell to set up (and almost impossible one handed with the rifle shouldered).

  5. Luis says:

    I wonder who the genius was that put the half moons on the Geissele super precision mount lol they’re serialized for a reason..

    • DSM says:

      Yeah, I saw that earlier!

      But, I am impressed with the leveling mark on the side of the optic. I’ve seen a couple of these lately. It’s about time I say

      • Steve says:

        They’re a good idea, but I’ve found them to actually cause more of a cant in practice. The scope usually rotates down into place when you tighten the caps so if you align the laser marks to the lower mount before tightening, they won’t be in the same place when you’re done.

        If you have a rail or otherwise flat backbone under the scope, you can use a deck of playing cards under the flat part beneath the turrets to keep the scope perfectly level as you tighten it down. Just pull cards out one by one to keep everything nice and tight while you tighten the screws.

  6. joglee says:

    A 1-6x optic????? Seems awfully underpowered.

  7. Cimg says:

    Has HK played with a 6.5CR barrel in it?