AUSA 18 – MT3 Ballistic Shield by TYR Tactical

TYR Tactical has unveiled their new ballistic shield system. It consists of a shield, dolly and ballistic appliqué.

See it on booth #3647.

6 Responses to “AUSA 18 – MT3 Ballistic Shield by TYR Tactical”

  1. questionable says:

    What about stairs?

  2. Rayforest says:

    That’s a Rifle rated shield correct?? And assuming it is and the dolly means no weight concerns then why no viewports? I’m not sure I understand the requirement

  3. Joe says:

    Replace the dolly with a Segway and weight is irrelevant.

  4. Ray Forest says:

    Nobody gives the user what they want when it comes to shields. I don’t think many understand their use that well.