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AUSA 18 – SIG SAUER Unveils Belt-Fed Machine Gun, Carbine and Hybrid Ammunition – Next Generation Squad Weapon Candidates

SIG SAUER has unveiled their new Belt-Fed machine gun. Originally developed to fire the 338 Norma Mag cartridge, a 7.62 NATO version was quickly developed and now they are prepared to accommodate the 6.8mm projectile and associated ballistic requirements of the US Army’s Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle Other Transaction Authority (OTA) currently underway.


They also showed their newly developed Hybrid Ammo. It’s a three-piece metallic design which offers 20% reduction in overall cartridge weight as well as increased velocity over conventionally produced ammunition. Even better, it works in existing weapon systems and can still be produced on current ammunition lines in any arsenal.


They have already developed multiple cartridges with this technology.


And if that’s not enough, SIG also revealed their MCX-MR (MR-Medium Range) which was initially developed for the Army’s Compact Semi Auto Sniper System. They’ve shortened it up for the upcoming Next Generation Squad Automatic Weapon Prototype Opportunity. Yes, that’s Keymod on the handguard, but it’s a prototype.



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21 Responses to “AUSA 18 – SIG SAUER Unveils Belt-Fed Machine Gun, Carbine and Hybrid Ammunition – Next Generation Squad Weapon Candidates”

  1. Arminius says:

    Color me intrigued.

  2. Adrian says:

    I am glad to see companies making a receiver that doesn’t have the optics mount on the top cover.

  3. Marcus says:

    How does this compare to the KAC LMG- or is that not an apt comparison?

  4. Dave says:

    My biggest complaints about the 240 were that it was too small and too ergonomic. Glad to see them double down on fixing both of those attributes.

    I’m really super pumped about the new light weight casings; MCX heavy looks very interesting as well. I’m a huge fan of the MCX in general.

    • Rob says:

      If you look closely it looks like that is the 338 Norma variant shown off as the belted ammo in the photos with the gun is 338 rather than the 6.8 shown separately. if they do get the nod they will streamline the weapon system and trim the excess off to make it smaller for a 6.8 specific variant.

      • Rob says:

        I meant to say that Sog will HOPEFULLY trim the excess. I can’t speak with certainty regarding what they will or won’t do in the future.

      • SSD says:

        The 6.8 Next Gen gun will boast quite a cartridge case.

  5. James says:

    Ammo looks interesting, amazing that they meet the weight requirements while sticking with metal. Hopefully they’ll do well with it and start pumping it out at Jacksonville .

    • Politically incorrect shooter says:

      Several years ago DARPA demonstrated cases with aluminum heads and thin-walled stainless steel bodies that dropped 25% from the loaded cartridge weight so they had to be a huge difference on the cartridge wait. It was five rounds with the new cases for the same weight as four rounds of the old cases

  6. Joglee says:

    Looks like the Army will be going full Sig before long.

    First the MHS, now the NGSW.

  7. What is that? says:

    does anyone recognize the optic on the belt fed?

    • Jake S. says:

      Looks to be the Sig Sauer Romeo8, not out yet but was at NRA 18’. That with Sig’s Juliet Magnifier.

    • Mohawk says:

      Looks to be a SIG Romeo8h in front of a Juliet6 magnifier.

  8. mark says:

    Very interesting to see their Hybrid Metallic design.

    I’m curious to see how it compares to the 2 Piece Aluminum/Stainless Steel NAS3 Hybrid cases developed by Shell Shock. They were displaying 5.56 and 7.62 cases at SHOT last year, and their 9×19 cases have been on the market for a few years.

    • Andrew says:

      People have apparently being making 2 piece cases since the 1870’s or a bit early. I strangely just learned about this today and thought Sig might do that with the NGSW. I’m thinking a FN USA/Federal Ammo will do something similar, also.

      • mark says:

        That’s interesting, I didn’t know 2 piece cases had been around that long.

        I’m curious to see what other entrants will choose for case design.

        I’m hoping we see True Velocity’s polymer cases in the mix – they claim an overall weight reduction of 30% – and their design is very clever, with an internal steel base overmoulded with plastic.

  9. Vic Toree says:

    The belt fed has a very Star Wars vibe for me for some reason. I could easily picture Storm Troopers missing shit with it.

  10. Thomas Holderman says:

    Hopefully theyou get rid of the key mode rail system it’s got a 33% higher fail rate than mlock

  11. mikey says:

    Whens the civilian version coming out