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SHOT Show 2018 – American Defense Innovations Stinger


This is the American Defense Innovations Stinger. One of the more unique products to be found at this year’s SHOT Show, the Stinger is a ‘Rapid Deployment Bayonet’. It is designed to mount to the underside of a forend via Picatinny rail, and features an aluminum housing which deploys a large pseudo spike-style bayonet. The mechanism works by depressing a recessed button on the underside of the housing and dragging it forward so the unit locks into place.

The Stinger is expected to start shipping around April-May 2018, and is being distributed by Paper City Firearms.


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29 Responses to “SHOT Show 2018 – American Defense Innovations Stinger”

  1. joe says:

    All the modern uselessness of a bayonet, minus the ability to open your MRE pouch.

    I’ll put this on the same shelf as the “zombie slayer” pistol bayonet.

      • Infantry vet says:

        At the end of the day it will continue to come down to men and steel.

        People who shit all over bayonets are pogues.

        • Joe says:

          because all the high-speed units that do CQB room-clearing always do it with a Bayonet. They’re always in stabbing range right?

          There’s a reason the Army took it out of basic.

          • John says:

            One day we will not have our massive supply lines and a bayonet might mean the between a soldier taking out the enemy then taking his gun to use. Bayonets should not be thought of as the civil with napoleonic Bayonet charged but instead as a field craft cut for camo make useful uses and standard uses of a knife cut 550 mres only in a last ditch as a weapon but when it’s needed it will be irreplaceable and like I said I sneak up and stick someone I’d rather have 2ft than get up close with a “combat” knife

          • joe says:

            Appeal to Authority fallacy: if the army did it they must be correct.

            Hope you defended the adoption of UCP as ardently. After all, if the army did it there must be a reason. 🙂

            Enjoy your stress cards, kid. I’ll be here enjoying my M10 OKC3S bayonet.

            • John says:

              +1 I like the okc but in full force utilitarian the sa80 fits the bill okc should just die away like all other big military courts contractors of they should produce the sa80

              • Jim says:

                No they shouldn’t.
                It’s a terrible bayonet and a useless field knife therefore people have to fork out for their own sheath knife…

      • thoughtiwasfreetilitriedtobe says:

        I just read the article and I’m not convinced it was the glint of three bayonets that caused the insurgents to melt away. More likely it was the rocket, targeted small arms fire and most importantly, the soldier’s ability to push through the ambush that changed the outcome.

        Do you have another article that can prove their usefulness? This one does not.

        • some guy says:

          “there’s been bayonet charges in both Iraq and Afghanistan”

          hurr I reject this evidence of modern bayonet usage. Please provide more.

          This is what you sound like.

      • John says:

        The sa80 Bayonet is the best modern Bayonet, it’s light small and only combat arms receive the field craft scabbard, it is even so professional looking that it has a dress uniform scabbard. It is also stanag 22mm diameter (its 22mm because of rifle grenades) but it doesn’t fit other flash suppressor due to a notch in the sa80 flash suppressor on my A2 flash suppressor it fits but spins around a little. It really is the best modern Bayonet something that is light, and small enough to attach to mole Incase of emergencies like above.

        • Jim says:

          Whose tip breaks during bayonet practice after stabbing sandbags or dummies, whose edge splits and peels if you try to sharpen it, whose handle gets hot if it stays on the muzzle during firing…

          It’s terrible as a bayonet and no use whatsoever as a field knife.

          BTW, putting in the PALS loops on your vest was severely frowned about as it could become secondary fragmentation, as if you didn’t ha e enough to worry about if that was a problem.

          It’s terrible but it’s all we have, the best bit about our bayonet is the Infantry scabbard…

        • Jim says:

          In the more I read your post the more my eyes bleed…

          • John says:

            The European fal tune Bayonet is just as useful as a sticker i just wanted to point out the sa80 Bayonet has other uses besides a sticker. It’s called predictive text sorry it’s not the King’s English

            • Jim says:

              The only other use it could have is as a paperweight, even in combination with the Infantry scabbard it doesn’t do a good job cutting wire…

              IMOO the Infantry scabbard by itself is more useful than the bayonet.

    • Jimbo says:

      CSM Purdy says go smoke yourself POG.

  2. Stefan S. says:

    Reminds me of the 1977 BSG Cylon Centurion rifle.

  3. ODG says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH…..will sell like hot cakes at Cheaper than Dirt.

  4. Todd says:

    Ridiculous. Looks slightly smaller than a 40mm

  5. James says:

    I just want a pic mount for a microtech venom tech.lol

  6. Jimbo says:

    We were just talking at work the other day about how there’s no ability to mount a bayonet to our MK18s. There may be a need for this again. As a man who grew up under the tutelage of the legendary Purdy, I will never discount the need for bayonets in the inventory.

  7. mupp says:

    Looks like someone was a fan of the Kurt Russell sci fi “soldier”…

  8. Joe says:

    Check out “Hand Weapons of WWI” from InRange/Forgotten Weapons.

    Synopsis: Clubs, Knives and E-tools > rifle bayonets.

  9. blackbeard says:

    I hear tomahawks are back in vogue….