MDM – Geissele Automatics Bayonet Mount

The M-4/16 has a bayonet lug just below the barrel due to a requirement that it has the ability to mount a bayonet. Unfortunately, that lug gets in the way when you want to use an extended handguard.

When Geissele was developing their submission for the cancelled M-4A1+ RFI, they decided to develop this Bayonet Mount which attaches to a Picatinny rail section at the bottom of a handguard.  

This frees up a lot of real estate.


36 Responses to “MDM – Geissele Automatics Bayonet Mount”

  1. Ivan says:

    When you are out of bullets… and there is still Murder to be done.

  2. Lasse says:

    How to make your AR into an assault rifle.

    • Ivan says:

      It is funny that a “bayonet lug” is a “Feature” of an “Assault Weapon”… Laws – Keeping you safe…

  3. jbgleason says:

    When was the last time a US soldier bayonneted* someone?

    Is that even a verb? “Used a bayonet on someone…” might be more appropriate.

    • mark says:

      Not US forces, but the British Basra Bayonet Charge was pretty metal:

      “In May 2004, approximately 20 British troops in Basra were ambushed and forced out of their vehicles by about 100 Shiite militia fighters. When ammunition ran low, the British troops fixed bayonets and charged the enemy. About 20 militiamen were killed in the assault without any British deaths.

      The bayonet charge appeared to succeed for three main reasons. First, the attack was the first of its kind in that region and captured the element of surprise. Second, enemy fighters probably believed jihadist propaganda stating that coalition troops were cowards unwilling to fight in close combat, further enhancing the element of surprise. Third, the strict discipline of the British troops overwhelmed the ability of the militia fighters to organize a cohesive counteraction.”

    • Shiftee says:

      Aside from the combat applications, the infantry will likely be reluctant to accept a platform incapable of mounting a bayonet. Else Benning will have to change the name of the newspaper again.

    • Core says:

      Our Yankee forces cab technically use bayonets on Non Enemy Combatant’s. I don’t know how often the Marine Corps authorizes their use in battle? We do use them set attach a Soldier or Marine’s rifle as a memoroal to the fallen.

  4. cimg says:

    nothing like a nose heavy rifle, with additional weight at the nose!

  5. JS says:

    think I remember reading early on in OEF that some Brits used bayonets on some Taliban when they ran out of ammo…..

  6. Hodge175 says:

    I would be happy with a RIS II with a 14.5 barrel, good enough for the 75th, it should be issued to the rest of us.

  7. Dev says:

    I had the pleasure of serving with a cool cat who spent several years in the SASR having served in Afghanistan, Iraq and for a bit in TAG West. He made it a point (pun intended) to carry a full-sized M9 manufactured by Buck everywhere he was deployed. The blade was actually finished “shiny” (not sure what finish, but the point is it wasn’t dull like most contemporary bayonets).

    His reason and excuse? Psychology and last ditch weapon and utility tool. As an infantryman, I’ve never deployed anywhere without one either.

  8. Lerch says:

    What makes the grass grow?

  9. Chicken Legs says:

    M4+ also wanted suppression capability, Bayo+Can=Bacon

  10. Joe says:


  11. elliot says:

    Fast helmet with pic rails + 2 of these….

  12. Iceman says:

    I understand completely why Geissele had to do this, I’ve been fighting this issue for years, but knowing how expensive products like this are, who could really take seriously a $200 mount for a bayonet.

  13. BWW says:

    Many forget that bayonet mounts are still a requirement box to check for some rifle contracts.

  14. SamHill says:

    I like bayonets about as much as the next guy, but this mount looks super heavy. My guess is 6-8 oz. Anyone seen any specs on it?

  15. renaissance marine says:

    they dont have it on their site. i wrote them and asked about it. they have no plans to field it. sigh.

  16. Ray Forest says:

    Seems like someone would design a bayonet that attaches directly to the 1913 rail to solve this.

  17. Brian St.onge says:

    Holy crape I would want several of them!!!!!

  18. Bobby Davro says:

    With the lmt sharpshooter system issued to British forces you get a bayonet adaptor as well though it’s often left in the case

  19. Matt says:

    That block of aluminium looks like it could contain a laser without too much loss of strength….?

    • Marmatt says:

      I had the same thought. The tubular interface is begging for a white light or laser. Maybe a collaboration with one of the many illumination brands?

  20. willsew4kit says:

    A buddy was the only guy in his platoon with a bayonet in Iraq. after a bit, guys would borrow it to go out on patrol. Reason: it was perfect to lead with when searching stuff in houses. cabinets, stacked blankets etc…
    you could pop open stuff with out removing your hand from weapon.

  21. YZ says:

    Tentative production date?

  22. Matt says:

    Put a light and laser in it and the DOD would eat this thing up..