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Poster #2 – 510 Grizzly Cartridge: The M4 Heavyweight Champion

Wednesday, October 5th, 2022

This is the second installment of a multi-week effort to share examples of posters which were presented during the recent Future Force Capabilities Conference presented by the National Defense Industrial Association in Austin, Texas. I’ll let them speak for themselves.

As always, contact info is on the poster for those interested.

Mission First Tactical Introduces Updated AR15 EXD M-LOK Handguards

Friday, September 30th, 2022

Available in 10,” 13.5”, and 15,” the new and improved EXD Free Float M-LOK® Rail System is designed with the modern shooter in mind.

Horsham, Pa. (September 2022) – Mission First Tactical, LLC (MFT™), a leader in USA-made rifle/carbine accessories and holsters, is pleased to introduce its new EXD Free Float M-LOK® Rail System available in 10”, 13.5”, and 15”. Boasting multiple improvements, the new system is designed with the modern shooter in mind. Streamlined and user-friendly, the updated design allows shooters more time to send rounds down range and less time making field adjustments or modifications.

The upgraded upper receiver attachment system increases shooter stability and also minimizes the inner diameter, providing a more streamlined appearance. Updated modern wall thickness addresses the flimsiness of other rail systems by providing the strength needed to attach a variety of M-LOK accessories.

Other features of the updated EXD Free Float M-LOK Rail System include:

• Seven sides of M-LOK – multiple locations to mount accessories

• Anti-rotation technology – zero rotation under extreme use

• IR anti-reflective coating – reduces reflection from 36 percent to 1 percent

• Steel non-timing barrel nut – secured with four set screws

The EXD Rail System is easily attached by two set screws (not Delta rings) on each side with anti-rotation tabs on top. Steel barrel nut included easily installs using a standard wrench. MSRP $149.99.

Mission First Tactical EXD Free Float M-LOK Rail System comes with a Lifetime Warranty. For more information on Mission First Tactical, visit www.missionfirsttactical.com.

New MMRB-556 Rifle

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

Custombilt Firearms Manufacturing (KS) is releasing a new variant of their MMR (Modern Minuteman Rifle) series.

Introducing the MMRB-556 rifle. The MMRB variant features a nitrided, 1:7 twist, 16” mid-length barrel that they OEM from Ballistic Advantage with a pinned F type front sight block. Custombilt drills and pins their sight blocks in house to ensure the most level, and true front sight block possible. The MMRB-556 features a matched nitrided 9310 bolt, and 8620 carrier. Finally, all MMRB series rifles ship with a Badger Ordnance Gen 2 charging handle latch.

The MMRB-556 is Custombilt’s entry-level price point rifle, and ships with magpul furniture including an SL handguard, making this an ideal choice for a patrol/defense rifle without breaking the bank.

Custombilt Firearms Manufacturing (CFM) is a Type 7/SOT manufacturer located in Overland Park, Kansas. CFM manufactures AR15 pattern rifles with a focus on no frills reliability and builds rifles with hard use in mind.


Aero Precision Rifle Tested to NIJ Standards

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

Testing and evaluation on an Aero Precision rifle was conducted by a west coast law enforcement agency. The rifle was tested to several NIJ testing procedures followed by a 10,000 round endurance test where the rifle experienced 0 operational malfunctions.

The following NIJ test procedures mentioned above were performed:

– Initial 60-round test firing

– 12hr Freezer (30-round test firing after)

– 12hr Oven (120 degrees Fahrenheit / 30-round test firing after)

– Six position drop test (5-round test firing after each drop) *Charging handle lever on the port side broke, flash hider came loose, pistol grip came loose. None of these issues impacted the functioning of the rifle and where appropriate, were re-tightened.

– Water submersion (30-round test firing after)

– Sand submersion (30-round test firing after)

– Initial zeroing w/optic and irons (T&E Optic failure during drop test which doesn’t impact the rifle test. A second T&E optic also failed. A third T&E optic was mounted during endurance firing)

– Final zeroing (3-round zeroing shots near the end of endurance testing resulted with an acceptable zero within 2.75”)

Included in the above test procedures was a 10,000-round endurance test. The rifle was first cleaned and lubricated and then was only lubricated in 1000-round intervals during the course of fire. The firing schedule for this rifle consisted of 150-180-round increments from various shooting positions and firing rates with an 8–12-minute cool down period in between cycles utilizing a 4’x4’ industrial fan. The gas rings of the rifle were replaced at 6,040 rounds and a final zeroing test was conducted at round 9,960.

The Aero Precision T&E rifle fired a total of 10,040 rounds without experiencing a single malfunction, even in extreme conditions that fall outside normal use.

To learn more about Aero Precision and to view the full product library visit www.aeroprecisionusa.com.

Sons of Liberty Gun Works Sets Another Milestone with NTOA Member-Approved Models

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

San Antonio, Texas (May 31, 2022) – Sons of Liberty Gun Works (SOLGW), manufacturer of hard use AR-15s with lifetime warranties, is pleased to announce that our Patrol SL and M4-89 models have been tested and recommended by the members of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA).

Select law enforcement officers thoroughly tested each or one of the models. From the various testers, we received great remarks like “The weapon performed flawlessly and was extremely well balanced with a light recoil impulse.” and “This gun was designed and built by people who clearly care about their end users.” Thank you for the kind words. We strive to live up to our high standards with consistency.

These models are available in either Pistol, Rifle, or SBR configurations.

LE Agency/Gov Sales can reach out to our Director of Sales, [email protected]

To learn more about Sons of Liberty Gun Works, please visit our booth at the upcoming NTOA Law Enforcement Operations Conference & Trade Show in Milwaukee, WI, September 25-26, 2022

KP15 Rifles, Complete: Six Hundred Bones

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

KE Arms is currently offering complete KP15 rifles for $599.95; that’s a KE15 forged flat top complete upper receiver atop a KP15 monolithic polymer lower receiver with a MilSpec fire control group and KP15-optimized parts. This complete KP15 offers four (4) choices of bolt carrier group and three (3) rail system options.

KP15 with 15 in. Delta-P MLOK Rail and Forward Assist Upper: 5.85 lbs, lighter with a shorter handguard selection. This configuration would normally retail for $899.95, but KE Arms is currently trying to reduce inventory to make way for new products. They’ll continue selling rifles in this configuration until they’re all gone.

BLUF: The KP15 is a superb and reliable lightweight rifle for an excellent price.


• Precision machined from 7075-T6 forgings to MilSpec standards.
• Available with a standard forward assist or slick side without forward assist.
• MilSpec Type III Hard Anodized
• Made to fit all M16/M4 rifles and carbines.
• Features a USGI Type T marked top, making it easy to remount your tactical accessories.
• Weight: 0.5lbs.


• KP15 Complete MilSpec FCG Polymer Receiver
• Flared magwell to make reloads under stress easier to perform.
• A1 Length 13 in. Length of Pull (LOP) Buttstock to fit a wide range of shooters
• MLOK Slots at the rear of stock for sling attach points or strap
• Holes at the front of the stock for QD socket inserts for more sling attachment options
• Improved grip for comfortable use
• ‘Winter’ Trigger Guard
• Standard or Trapdoor buttplate available


• 16 in. 5.56mm stress-relieved 41V40 steel barrel
• 1:9 button-rifled
• Chrome-lined bore and chamber, and phosphate finish
• 750″ gas block with drilled gas port
• 1/2 x 28 muzzle thread
• Assembled with M4 feed ramp extension
• Designed for carbine length gas system

Danyela D’Angelo behind her KP15.

Charging Handle

Billet machined out of 7075 T-6 aluminum
 Mil 8625 Type III, Class 2 hard anodized
Includes a heavier spring for increased durability and longevity
Large latch for easy manipulation in times of stress.

Bolt Carrier Group Options

• M16 Black Nitride
• M16 Chrome Standard
• M16 Chrome with HMB Bolt
• Slick M16 Chrome with HMB Bolt

The KP15 does not come with magazines; KE Arms recommends Gen 3 PMAGs.

Rail System Options

• 12.5 in. Delta-P MLOK
• 12.5 in. Delta-R MLOK
• 15 in. Delta-R MLOK

Learn more about the KP15 rifle and other platforms online at KEarms.com.

Sons of Liberty Gun Works Announces Forward Controls Design AR-15 Ambidextrous Lower Receiver Collaboration

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

San Antonio, Texas (April 20, 2022) – LRF (Lower Receiver, Forward Controls Design) is a collaboration between Sons of Liberty Gunworks (SOLGW) and Forward Controls Design (FCD).

Machined from a solid block of 7075 aluminum, LRF is an ambidextrous AR15 lower receiver with built-in right side bolt release, designed to use our EMR-A (Enhanced Magazine Release, Ambidextrous), a Norgon Ambi-Catch will also work on the LRF.

Design of LRF was completed in 2019. Due to difficulties of Covid-19 induced lockdowns and subsequent buying frenzies of all things firearms related, production was continuously delayed. Neither SOLGW nor FCD are known to rush development or production, we had used this time to further refine the LRF.

LRF was designed with duty and defense users in mind. Its changes from TDP based lowers are based on ergonomics and better protection of magazine releases (both left and right side):

* EMR-A (Enhanced Magazine Release, Ambidextrous) fence on the left side.

* Taller than TDP spec magazine release fence on the right side to ensure TDP spec magazine release button stays below the fence.

* Countersunk take down pin hole on the left, when the user pushes the take down pin in from the left side, the pin can be pushed in further, with more protrusion on the right to pull from.

* Built in trigger guard with the same features as our TGF (Trigger guard, Forward Controls), more info: www.forwardcontrolsdesign.com/TGF-Trigger-Guard-Forward-Controls_p_178 TGF has more usable space forward of the trigger, not behind. It also has a “ramp” to facilitate magazine loading for users that use the rear spline of the magazine to index and “rock” the magazine into the mag well.

* Flared magazine well with a larger opening.

LRF’s changes are subtle and wholly functions based, a duty/defense firearm doesn’t concern itself with aesthetics, nor benefit from them. One will not find it decorated with lightening cuts/holes, or obnoxiously large logos.

A tastefully small Cygnus is engraved on the right side of the LRF magazine well to denote FCD’s involvement in the project’s development, one can easily miss or overlook it, and that’s the point, we don’t intend the LRF to be a walking billboard. It’s designed and made for work, not for show.

Exclusive offering of the LRF will only be through our SOLGW Premier Dealer Network. Some of these online retailers will even have notifications available to let you know when they go live. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest new products coming out of SOLGW and FCD by visiting our websites, signing up for our email alerts, and following us on social media.

www.forwardcontrolsdesign.com www.sonsoflibertygw.com

Sons of Liberty Gun Works Announces Partnership with RSR Group

Wednesday, April 13th, 2022

San Antonio, Texas (April 11, 2022) – Sons of Liberty Gun Works, manufacturer of hard use AR-15s, is pleased to announce its newest distributor, RSR Group. RSR Group has become a top distributor in the shooting sports market and has been recognized for its commitment to the industry and its programs. Offering same-day shipping, competitive prices, and a broad inventory. RSR Group quickly became one of the leading forces in the shooting sports market and expanded its distribution network. With a state-of-the art, centralized distribution center in Fort Worth, Texas, RSR Group can quickly reach dealers and provide the same-day order processing their customers have come to expect.

Dealers interested in stocking Sons of Liberty Gun Works firearms, parts, and accessories through RSR Group can visit www.rsrgroup.com. For information about Sons of Liberty Gun Works, please visit our website at www.sonsoflibertygw.com