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Fighting Gun 101: Gas Ports

Monday, August 10th, 2020

Many companies won’t publish this. We believe in transparency. Whether you purchase directly from us, our dealers, or build it yourself, it all starts here…


10.5″ Carbine .073
11.5″ Carbine .071
12.5″ Carbine .068
14.5″ Carbine .0625
16″ Carbine .0625
13.7″ Mid .0785
14.5” Mid .077
16″ Mid .076
18″ Rifle .0995
20″ Rifle .093


MK18 10.3” Carbine .070
M4 14.5″ Carbine .0625
MK12 18” Rifle .0995
M16 20″ Rifle .093

SOLGW recommended Sprinco spring/buffer combination based on type of buffer system:

11.5” Milspec: Blue Spring/H2 (LAW Folder H), A5: Green Spring A5H2 (LAW A5H1)
12.5” Milspec: Blue Spring/H2 (LAW Folder H), A5: Green Spring A5H2 (LAW A5H1)
13.7” Milspec: Blue Spring/H (LAW Folder H), A5: Green Spring A5H2 (LAW A5H1)
13.9” Milspec: Blue Spring/H (LAW Folder H), A5: Green Spring A5H2 (LAW A5H1)
14.5” Milspec: Blue Spring/H (LAW Folder H), A5: Green Spring A5H2 (LAW A5H1)
16” Milspec: Blue Spring/H (LAW Folder H), A5: Green Spring A5H2 (LAW A5H1)

SOLGW – Origins

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

How we started… and how the hell did we get here?

SOLGW Gas Block Overview

Thursday, July 23rd, 2020

This is a critical, yet often overlooked, part of building a fighting a gun.

If you’re hemorrhaging gas between the block and journal you have a less efficient system…which means you’ll need more gas…or the rifle will be more sensitive to conditions that are less than ideal.

These are some of the details that make SOLGW a more robust system. Our tolerance specifications are written specifically for this.

“But they don’t actually make anything…”

Yes we do. We make very reliable rifles…

Sons of Liberty Gun Works Build Video

Monday, July 20th, 2020

One at time, by one of our talented craftsman. The birth of a blaster. From our family to yours. Enjoy!

The Sons of Liberty Gun Works Warranty

Friday, July 10th, 2020

When you get into the top tier rifle companies you have a high performance expectation. At that level, the guns really do work.

Sometimes what truly separates those brands is the end user support.

A SOLGW Rifle is forever.

Lantac LA-SF15TM 6MM ARC Chambered Rifle & Dedicated E-BCG

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

Lantac is pleased to announce the release of its range of 6MM ARC chambered rifles and dedicated E-BCG®

For the past 2 years Lantac has been working closely with Hornady Manufacturing, undertaking testing and development of products that utilise the new 6MM ARC ammunition in a variety of bullet weights. Lantac was one of the first companies to become involved with this new caliber as part of a funded military research project and has conducted extensive evaluation and development work in that time.

Lantac’s new LA-SF15 6ARC 18’’ Rifle+1 gas system (pictured) delivers 2629 FPS at muzzle with 2457FPS at 100M (109.36 Yards) and 1408 FPS at 800M (874.89 Yards). Energy is 1657 Ft-lb (2246 Joules) at 100M (109.36 Yards) and 475 Ft-lb (644 Joules) at 800M (874.89 Yards) approx. Lantac has also developed a more compact 14.5’’ Intermediate gassed system that delivers 2483 FPS at muzzle with 2315 FPS at 100M (109.36 Yards) and 1302 FPS at 800M (874.89 Yards). Energy is 1285 Ft-lb (1742 Joules) at 100M (109.36 Yards) and 407 Ft-lb (551 Joules) at 800M (874.89 Yards) approx.

The velocity of multiple barrel lengths was tested to create a clear picture of 6ARC’s capabilities.

Comparison of Lantac’s LA-SF15 18’’6ARC rifle shooting 108Gr ELD-M to the 20’’ M110 SASS shooting M118LR  175Gr SMK.

Comparison of Lantac’s LA-SF15 14.5’’6ARC rifle shooting 108Gr ELD-M to the 20’’ M110 SASS shooting M118LR  175Gr SMK.

The Lantac LA-SF15™ 18’’ configuration comes as standard with the following specifications:

7075-T6 Alloy Forged Receiver Set, Hardcoat Anodized (Type3, Class2) to MIL-A-8625 standards.

SPADA-ML 15’’ Handguard

Proof research 18’’ Rifle+1 Carbon Fiber Barrel with 1:7.5 Twist and Target Crown.

Lantac dedicated 6ARC E-BCG®

Lantac DGN762B Dragon® Muzzle Brake (Suppressor mount options available).

Magpul MOE Grip and PRS Stock.

Magpul MBUS-Pro BUIS

Geissele G2S 4.5lb 2 Stage Trigger.

VLTOR A5 Buffer System.

17Rnd Elander Magazine. The ammunition will not function with current PMAG’s

The rifle is designed to offer the softest shooting experience and features a specially designed dedicated E-BCG® bolt carrier group that works with the Rifle+1 gas system and VLTOR’s A5 Buffer to deliver extremely low recoil energy, meaning that fast, repeated hits on long range targets are much easier to achieve.

Other barrel options are available for customers not wanting to use a carbon wrapped solution.

Lantac’s 6ARC E-BCG® has been specially developed to manage the gas impulse delivered from a variety of 6ARC bullet weights / powder loads that will eventually be available from Hornady (the 103Gr, 105Gr & 108Gr being the initial release), it will also function with 6.5 Grendel and is available in both Nitrided and NiB (Electroless Nickel Boron) finishes.

Lantacs E-BCG® has undergone extensive trials testing and out performs other carriers with improved gas management, reduced recoil and lug stress. A 5.56mm E-BCG® Carrier and Bolt have successfully fired over 65,000 rounds of ammunition with zero failures and the Bolt was still in complete working order after MPI and X-Ray Radiography inspection.

The E=BCG® Carrier vents gas in a completely different way to standard two and three port designs. As can be seen in these frames from hi-speed testing, both the 2 port and 3 port carriers produce a plume of potentially harmful propellant gas, by contrast the Lantac E-BCG® produces a significantly reduced plume.

Lantac undertook extensive recoil energy testing, utilising data loggers and load cells. Many carriers were tested and compared to assist in fine tuning the 6ARC E-BCG®.

Rifles are available to order now, prices vary depending on specification, please contact Lantac USA for further information.

[email protected]

Tel: 817 420 6011

San Tan Tactical Announces the Collaboration with Hornady Mfg and Proof Research on the New 6ARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge) STT-15-6ARC Rifles

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

CHANDLER, ARIZONA: San Tan Tactical®, Hornady Mfg® and Proof Research® have partnered up on the San Tan new 6ARC rifles. San Tan’s innovative high quality firearm systems and unparalleled performance in combination with Hornady’s New 6ARC round originally developed for a specialized group within the US DoD, and Proof Research premium carbon fiber barrels take the AR15 platform to a whole new level!

The Hornady 6ARC Round

Hornady Mfg® a leading ammunition manufacturer, provides world-class performance in a 6ARC factory- loaded cartridge. The high-performance, match-accurate round features an excellent cartridge-to- chamber relationship and shoots exceptionally well. The 6ARC is commercially available in 108gr ELD- MATCH, 105gr BTHP BLACK and 103gr ELD-X -Precision Hunter loads. The ELD-Match round boasts a G1.536BC.

6mm ARC Advanced Rifle Cartridge





Tested, selected and fielded by a specialized group within the US DoD for its multi-purpose combat rifle program, the 6mm ARC is an extremely versatile cartridge that does everything much larger cartridges can, and everything that smaller cartridges can’t. Designed to meet the demanding needs of the world’s toughest critics, the 6mm ARC is a truly advanced cartridge capable of utilizing high BC, efficient 6mm bullets for unprecedented levels of performance from such a compact platform.

Advanced–Purpose built to achieve performance never before delivered from the AR-15 platform by providing the ultimate blend of system weight, performance and shootability.

Versatile-Equally at home in AR-15 platforms and short or micro action bolt guns and suitable for a variety of applications from personal defense, match shooting, hunting as well as military and law enforcement use.

Efficient –Balanced application of cartridge and chamber geometry & interface, propellant design and bullet selection for optimum performance and barrel life, the 6mm ARC has unmatched long- range performance from the AR-15 or micro action platform.

Effective–Excellent terminal performance from an assortment of bullet selections, for a variety of applications.


–Features match accurate Hornady bullets that are held to the tightest tolerances in our test lab. Low recoil

-Utilizes an efficient propellant charge and bullet weight combination.

-Self-spot impacts on or off target to make rapid adjustments.

-Less felt recoil than larger short action based (308 Win family) cartridges.


-Factory ammunition offerings in a variety of bullet styles may be complemented by the handloader who has a multitude of 6mm bullets to choose from for specialized applications from varmint and deer hunting to match shooting needs

81608 6mm ARC 108gr ELD-MATCH

Muzzle Velocity = 2750FPS with 24″ test bbl G1
BC = .536
SD = 261
Min Twist Rate = 1-8”

81604 6mm ARC 105gr BTHP BLACK

Muzzle Velocity = 2750FPS with 24″ test bbl G1
BC = .530
SD = 254
Min Twist Rate = 1-8″

81602 6mm ARC 103gr ELD-X -Precision Hunter

Muzzle Velocity = 2800 FPS with 24″ test bbl
G1 BC = .512
SD = 249
Min Twist Rate = 1-8

The Proof Research® 6ARC Carbon Fiber Barrel

The STT-15-6ARC and STT-15-6ARC-Lite both are configured with industry leading Proof Research® Carbon fiber barrels. Known synonymously for their quality, ultra lightweight characteristics and superior accuracy. Featuring a 6ARC Chamber,18” Length, 7.5 Twist, Rifle gas, .750 diameter gas block.


The San Tan Tactical STT-15-6ARC rifles are a superb example of industry leading technologies from companies pushing the envelope with a desire to achieve more! With the other wildcat caliber’s coming to market over the recent years, the recent 6.8 military requirement, all in an attempt to pursue the maximum output from the AR15 platform.

The Hornady 6 ARC cartridge combined with their variety of projectiles currently available allows a significantly increase in capability above and beyond what is currently available in the AR15 platform. The capability to weight savings is seen in out STT-15-6ARC-Lite, the slick sided billet matched receiver set with out signature lightening pillar cuts. Removing as much weight as possible without sacrificing strength and performance.

STT true matched pillar billet sets, hand finished, matching serial numbers. The upper is cut from a single solid 7075T6 Certified Aerospace Aluminum. Propriety special burnished bore that gives a compacted internal surface, resulting in a much smoother surface finish. The bore, receiver extension face, barrel nut threads and barrel extension surfaces are all machined in one operation ensuring that they are perfectly concentric and perpendicular to the barrel assembly.

STT Lower Features:

• Huge 1.38” Integrally Machined Magazine Well Flare

• Ambidextrous Quick Attach Detach Sling Swivel Points with Anti-Rotation Stops • Ambidextrous Bolt Release

• Ambidextrous Magazine Release

• Bullet Pictogram Safety Selector Markings

• Set Screw Trigger Creep Adjustment

• Set Screw Upper Take Down Tension Adjustment

• Shooter Ready Finger Rest

• Oversized Winter Trigger Guard Perfect for Gloved Hands • Dowel Screw Assembly

• Ultra-Grip Texture on All Controls

STT Upper Features:

• San Tan Tactical Truss Pockets for Increased Structural Rigidity

• Cut from a Single Billet 7075 -T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum

• Shell Deflector

• Fully Assembled with Forward Assist & Ejection Port Cover

• Machined in T Markings for Easy Optic Relocation

• Machined with M4 Feed Ramps

• Machined to Mil-Spec Standards

• Interfaces with all AR15/M16/M4 Systems & Accessories

• Compatible with Multiple Rails, Anti-Rotation Tabs & Pins

• Compatible with All Known Battery Levers

• No Roll Pin Design – Forward Assist Attaches Via Threaded Dowel Pin

San Tan Tactical STT-15-6ARC Rifle Features:

• STT Suppressor Optimized Enhanced Bolt carrier group

• STT 6 ARC HPT MPI Bolt, Crane O-ring Upgrade

• Proof Research 18” Carbon Fiber 6ARC Barrel

• CMC Triggers 3.5lb Single Stage Match Trigger

• MagPul MOE plus Grip

• MagPul CTR Stock

• MagPul MBUS Pro

• STT 15 16” MLOK Rail

• Precision CNC machined from billet 7075-T6 certified aluminum

• Propriety special burnished bore that gives a compacted internal surface, resulting in a much smoother surface finish

• Type 3, class 2, deep black, hardcoat anodized black

• Features extended feed ramps

• Ambidextrous Mag and Bolt release controls (ambi version only not Lite) • CERAKOTE options are available for additional cost

At San Tan Tactical we want to leave a proud legacy of American Made firearm design. By innovation, superior performance, and value. American Made, through and through is the core value at San Tan Tactical. San Tan Tactical wants each and every shooter to be completely satisfied! Giving them absolute pride of ownership in each product we design and manufacture.

Our formula for success is simple-

San Tan Tactical believes in America, and the heritage upon which this great nation was built! We are a company owned and operated by American’s for American’s! We only utilize the finest quality American made machine’s in conjunction with the highest quality American made materials. At San Tan Tactical we pride ourselves to give unparalleled customer service by, listening, understanding, and quickly satisfying our shooters needs, desires and/or concerns.

San Tan Tactical will never forget that our future success depends on the legacy of our past. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied!

All STT products come with a Lifetime Warranty and are made in the U.S.A., STT proudly designs all its products for Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian use.

For more information about San Tan Tactical and all the products we offer please visit us at

Bringing Skunkworks Back: Armalite AR-10A2 Carbine Revived by Frank Woods

Monday, June 1st, 2020

I felt like doing an XM177 style AR-308 because I’ve never seen one before. So I did. I call this one “XM762-E1.” Since I reused the Blood Diamond carbine configuration as far as attachments go, I also nicknamed it “BD²” (Big Daddy Blood Diamond, Big Dick Blood Diamond, Blood Diamond 2: Judgement Day, whatever.)

– It is an AWB era Armalite AR-10A2 Carbine upper receiver, with a new Armalite AR-10A lower receiver. It is therefore an Armalite AR-10 through and through.

– It feeds from SR25/DPMS spec magazines.

– The upper receiver was internally modified to facilitate that function, by milling out the stabilizer shelves meant to hold the AWB AR-10B era modified M14 magazines in place.

– The upper receiver was rebarreled with a 1/10 twist 16″ barrel, that was hybrid in nature: Armalite “Carbine” style Midlength gas, DPMS spec barrel extension.

– The factory AR-10B BCG was replaced with a DPMS spec compatible BCG, the Brownells BRN-10 Retro BCG.

– It’s not an SBR.

– “Midlength” does not mean “Midlength” in AR-308 land. Midlength means whatever the manufacturer says it is in Midlength gas.

The barrel is 16″, and a slip over faux suppressor with compensator ports was used as the muzzle device, since no .308 version of an XM177 repro style muzzle device exists.

This retained the 16″ barrel accuracy and ballistic performance, taming the .308 recoil with the compensator function, and completed the XM177 moderator look as closely as possible, without a carbine length gas system 12.5″ barrel causing the rifle to beat the shit out of itself.

Furniture was spray painted Aervoe Earth Brown. Grip is a Brownells Retro AR-10 repro they made for the BRN-10.

“I want one!”

1.) Do what I did, track down an Armalite AR-10A2 upper, modify the internals, pair it with a factory Armalite lower, rebarrel/reBCG with a hybrid spec barrel and DPMS spec BCG, drive on.

2.) Maybe try to convince Armalite to revive or do a run of their A2 upper receivers, only compatible with their AR-10A series lowers?

3.) Maybe try to convince someone else like Fulton Armory to reproduce the AR-10A2 style upper receiver and a matching lower, albeit to SR25/DPMS spec?

Doesn’t count if the receivers aren’t angular cut, that curved DPMS stuff is wack.

I’ve written a full article that explains what went into this project in detail. When it’s posted, I’ll share it.