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Mystery Vortex Optics 1-10x LVPO Revealed

This is a close hold LVPO from Vortex Optics. Although it has been in existence for quite awhile it was first publicly seen in leaked images of the Glock carbine in late September.

This AMG model (American made) is a 1-10x and is shorter than their Razor model. No details have been released by the company, let alone a public acknowledgement of its existence. However, I do know that it is 8.5″ in length, weighs about 18 oz, and offers daylight bright illumination with a great eye box.

The version we see here was displayed last weekend at the Knights Armament Co celebration of AR15 designed Eugene Stoner’s 100 birthday. It is mounted to the KS-1 (Knight Stoner) which is the future of Knights’ rifle offerings. There are newer versions of the optic out in the wild.

I can attest that it does exist and is in service internationally with growing interest from others. I would suspect that eventually it will be offered commercially, but it will be expensive.

Here are some photos I took of the optic in the fall of 2021.

9 Responses to “Mystery Vortex Optics 1-10x LVPO Revealed”

  1. Wb says:

    Any idea if first or second focal plane?

  2. Matt says:

    Oh project Eleanor surfacing finally. Its FFP.

  3. Pat says:

    Is this just a shorter/ lighter version of the Gen 3 Razor 1-10x FFP?

  4. Guy says:

    FYI, Edgar Bros from the UK represents DD, KAC and SIG, and submitted all three to Project Hunter. They also represent Vortex, Reptila and Aimpoint so you can connect the dots there…

  5. Mark M says:

    Is that a Reptilia mount?