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NRAAM 18 – Brownells / LMT M203 37mm LAUNCHER

Friday, May 4th, 2018


Brownells had a new LMT manufactured M203 37mm flare launcher mounted to one of their Retro ARs, and they revealed it’s now up for sale on Brownells website as a stand-alone item, and it’s exclusive to Brownells. The M203 37mm launcher is constructed of aluminum with a MilSpec anodized finish, and mounts and operates just like the 40mm version. The 37mm M203 attaches to standard Government rifle & carbine length barrel assemblies with a .625” front barrel profile, and a GI compatible barrel nut system.

SHOT Show 2018 – Brownells Retro Rifle Line

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Brownell’s Retro Rifle line is on display at their booth at SHOT Show. The full details of the line can be found here, but as a reminder, the Retro Rifle line consists of four 5.56mm and two .308/7.62 rifles built to the correct styling for US military issued rifles in the 60s, or in the case of the .308 rifles, built to Eugene Stoner’s original AR-10 design.













Brownells Launches Retro Rifle Line at SHOT Show 2018

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Brownells Makes History, Launches Retro Rifles™ Line

Models include four 5.56mm and two .308/7.62 variants


LAS VEGAS, Nevada (January 23, 2018) – It’s been 79 years in the making and today, Brownells has joined the ranks of America’s gun manufacturers. It also makes sense the company’s first firearms are legitimately old school – retro AR-15 rifles.


Brownells newly-created Retro Rifles™ line features four 5.56mm variants and two .308/7.62 variants. The 5.56mm models feature the correct styling for rifles issued to GIs in the 1960s. The .308/7.62 models reflect the lightweight styling of Eugene Stoner’s original AR-10® design.

Available and shipping now, the 5.56mm models include:

BRN-16A1 (#078-000-402)

• Close copy of the iconic M16A1 first fielded in 1960s
• Matte gray anodized receivers to mimic originals
• Black furniture with period-correct contours
• Full fence M16A1 profile lower receiver
• 20” 5.56 lightweight M16A1 chrome-lined barrel with 1-12″ twist
• M16A1 Flash hider
• M16A1 bolt carrier group with phosphate finish and chrome lining
• Standard charging handle
• 20-round Brownells aluminum magazine
• $1,299.99 retail

BRN-601 (#078-000-400)

• Close copy of original USAF contract rifle with green furniture
• Matte gray anodized receivers to mimic originals
• “Slabside” lower receiver, without a magazine release fence
• As a result of no fence, front pivot pin is not captive
• Faux roll pin to retain buffer tube (only cosmetic on Brownells Retro)
• “Duckbill” early 3-Prong Flash Hider w/ split washer
• “Slickside” upper receiver without shell deflector or forward assist
• 20” 5.56 lightweight M16A1 chrome-lined barrel with 1-12″ twist
• M16 “Slickside” Chrome BCG w/o forward assist serrations
• Triangle 601 Charging Handle
• Brownells 20-round Waffle Magazine
• $1,299.99 retail.

XBRN16E1 (#078-000-401)

• Copy of transitional rifle between 601 and M16A1, with features of both
• Matte gray anodized receivers to mimic originals
• Black furniture with period correct contours
• Partial fence lower receiver
• 20” 5.56 lightweight M16A1 chrome-lined barrel with 1-12″ twist
• 3-Prong Flash Hider w/ split washer
• Faux roll pin to retain buffer tube (only cosmetic on Brownells Retro)
• M16 Chrome BCG with Forward Assist Serrations
• Modern charging handle
• Brownells 20-round aluminum magazine
• $1,299.99 retail

XBRN-177E2 (#078-000-403)

• An authentic copy of an early Special Forces carbine
• Matte gray anodized receivers to mimic originals
• Period-correct flash hider with grenade ring
• Period-correct furniture, including collapsible stock
• Full-fence M16A1 lower receiver
• 12.7″ 5.56 lightweight chrome-lined barrel with 1-12″ twist
• M16 Bolt Carrier Group with phosphate finish and chrome lining
• Standard charging handle
• Brownells 20-round aluminum magazine
• $1,299.99 retail

Brownells also announced the BRN-10, the first .308 rifle in its Retro Rifles™ line.

The BRN-10 will have the “trigger-style” charging handle in the top of the receiver, under the carry handle, and the same lines and contours as the first production AR-10®s from the 1950s.

With upper and lower receivers designed in conjunction with FM-Products, the BRN-10 is compatible with standard DPMS/SR25 components including triggers, magazines, barrels, bolt carrier groups, muzzle devices, buttstocks, pistol grips, handguards, and buffer assemblies.

It also features a newly-designed rear sight assembly with a peep sight adjustable for windage and elevation, with elevation setting viewable through the rear of the receiver.

Brownells is taking pre-orders now, with shipping slated for spring 2018.

The BRN-10 models include:

BRN-10A (#078-000-419)

• Close copy of early rifles, such as issued by Netherlands
• Chrome Retro BCG
• 20” fluted barrel in .308 with 5/8″-24 threads & 1-10″ twist, nitride finish
• Brown furniture including original-style handguard
• Open 3-prong flash hider
• BRN-10 receiver set machined from 7075 billet aluminum
• Custom bolt catch, takedown pins, selector and mag release to match retro style
• Not compatible with 308 PMAGs due to lower receiver design
• $1,699.99 retail

BRN-10B Brownells (#078-000-420)

• Close copy of late-model rifles, as adopted by Cuba and other nations
• Chrome retro BCG
• 20” lightweight barrel in 308 with 5/8″-24 threads & 1-10″ twist, nitride finish
• Black furniture including original style handguard
• Portuguese-style closed-prong flash hider,
• BRN-10 receiver set machined from 7075 billet aluminum
• Custom bolt catch, takedown pins, selector and mag release to match retro style
• Not compatible with 308 PMAGs due to lower receiver design
• $1,599.99 retail

In addition to complete Retro Rifles, Brownells also has offers a full line of Retro Parts, including 5.56 receivers, furniture, barrels and other parts. Retro parts in .308 will be available late in the year

To see both the Retro Rifles and Retro Parts, visit the

Brownells Edition Victory Barrels by Victory First

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Victory First is proud to announce the expanded partnership with Brownells with the manufacturing of the Brownells Edition Victory barrels by Victory First.

The debut offerings are match grade, drop in handgun barrels that have been vigorously tested and developed by Matt Jacques of Victory First. The Victory barrels have been under production for the Victory First brand for Glock handguns for several months. With the latest expansion of the Victory line that now includes match barrels for Gen 5 G19 and G17 Glocks, Smith and Wesson 9MM M&P and Shield, Sig Sauer P320 and 226, and Heckler and Koch VP9.

The current barrels that are being provided to Brownells are match grade and have been tested to provide the shooter a barrel that will provide superior accuracy and reliability to enhance your handgun.

“While we have been producing barrels for our own customers of Victory First for some time now, we were very excited to have Brownells ask us to produce the Brownells Edition Victory Barrel for them.” said Matt ‘Jake’ Jacques, owner of Victory First. “We did our homework on these barrels, testing and tweaking for nearly a year, and we are confident in their performance and reliability. We are taking steps in quality control to include 100% Quality control and bore inspection to ensure the money you spend it well invested. We have done our part for accuracy; the rest is up to you.”

“Brownells is excited to be carrying the barrels from Victory First because of the quality they bring at a very attractive price point,” said Brownells Lead Product Manager Paul Levy. “These barrels are machined from 416R stainless, have standard 1-10 rifling and a nice black nitride finish. In addition, they’re 100% Made in the USA, from material to manufacture.”

Brownells Releases Custom Slides For Glock Pistols

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Grinnell, Iowa – Brownells has expanded the menu for pistol customization enthusiasts, releasing unique drop-in slides for popular models of Glock® handguns.


Made to fit Gen3 frames in both Glock® 17/22 and Glock® 19/23 sizes, Brownells Glock® slides are easy to rack and “press check” and also allow the user the option of adding an electronic sight.

Perfect for both stock Glocks and custom builds, the Brownells slides fit the Polymer80 80% Glock® frames, also available at Brownells.

The slides feature special serrations and cuts, and come with the choice of a slot for a Trijicon RMR or similar sight. Some slides have a window cut in the top to aid cooling, enhance appearance and lighten the gun.


Machined out of stainless steel, the slides have a tough Nitride coating that resists heat, wear and abrasion. The slides are stripped, and will require additional parts to complete.

Brownells Adventurers “Yeti & Yolo” To Compete in 36 Hours of Uwharrie

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

GRINNELL, Iowa (August 1, 2017) – Precision off-road driving, vehicle recovery, physical challenges, marksmanship, canoeing, overlanding; 48 missions in total. 36 Hours. No rest. That’s what competitors in the 36 Hours of Uwharrie will face on a course designed to test man, woman and machine deep in the Uwharrie National Forest on August 10-12, 2017.

Brownells will sponsor a 36 Hour of Uhwarrie Pro-Class Team made up of full-time adventurers Holly “Yolo” Freeman and Jonathan “Yeti” Norvell. The duo will compete out of their highly-customized Yeti-Built Jeep, a vehicle Jonathan built from the ground up. The rock-crawler Norvell and Freeman refer to as “The Yeti” began life as a 1997 TJ Jeep. Today, the gas gauge and grill are two of the six remaining original Jeep parts.

Not only do Norvell and Freeman compete in “The Yeti,” but the window-less, open-air quasi-Jeep is their full-time home.

“We both yearn to experience everything life has to offer,” said Freeman. “About one year ago, we sold everything but my Jeep and ‘The Yeti’. Literally everything – including our homes. Our life is on the road, camping in national forests where people haven’t likely been in years.”

“We’re used to the rugged lifestyle,” added Norvell. “Camping, hiking, shooting, and putting the Jeep in crazy situations is what we do frequently. We’re hoping that’ll give us a slight edge in the 36 Hours of Uhwarrie.”

Brownells’ relationship with Freeman and Norvell dates back nearly two years. In addition to being full-time adventurers, the pair has acted as brand ambassadors for Brownells, testing products, making appearances and advocating on behalf of the brand.

“Yeti and Yolo embody Brownells’ corporate vision,” said Brownells CEO Pete Brownell. “Brownells hopes to inspire the spirt of freedom and independence. While we understand that not everyone will take it to the extremes that Yeti and Yolo do, their lifestyle is symbolic. They inspire others to live life everyday – don’t take the gift of time for granted. They’re bold and fearless wherever they go.”

Brownells, in cooperation with Freeman and Norvell, have produced a video that highlights their lives and the motivation behind it.

Stay up to date on their “36 Hours of Uhwarrie” adventure and their unscripted life on and off the road by following Norvell (@thejeepcalledyeti) and Freeman (@thewildyolo) on Instagram.

Flag-Saving FedEx Guy Joins Brownells at NRAAM

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

GRINNELL, Iowa (April 21, 2017) – Brownells proudly supports American patriots who wear uniforms of all types – sometimes even those who wear a package delivery uniform.

When footage of Matt Uhrin, an Iowa City-area package delivery man, appeared on national media showing him bravely saving an American flag from being burned by a group of protestors, Brownells knew they had to thank their fellow Iowan.

An NRA member and U.S. Army combat veteran, Mr. Uhrin, also known as the “FedEx Guy” will attend several events with the Brownells team at the upcoming 146th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Atlanta, GA.

These events include the open-to-the-public Brownells Social Media Meetup taking place in the Omni Hotel South Tower Lobby on Friday, April 28, at 6:30 PM. In addition to Mr. Uhrin’s presence, Brownells will host Eric & Chad from IraqVet8888, Mr. Guns ‘N Gear, LeaSpeed6, Janna Reeves, RapidFire Rachel and other industry social media personalities.

Mr. Uhrin will also be honored during a special presentation in the Brownells booth (#1713) at 1:45 PM (EDT) on Saturday, April 29.

“I am extremely excited and honored to be given this opportunity to go to 146th NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits with the great people from Brownells,” said Uhrin. “It is extremely humbling to be given an opportunity like this.”

“It’s a privilege to honor Matt at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits,” added Pete Brownell, CEO of Brownells. “This annual gathering is not only a celebration of our Second Amendment and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, it’s also a place to acknowledge real people who do the right thing. I can’t think of a better place to thank Matt for his service to our country and the heroism he displayed while protecting our Nation’s flag and all it stands for.”

The USGI 30 rd Magazine Go/NoGo Gauge

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

I know it seems like I’m pimping the heck out of it, but the 82nd Abn Div Small Arms Master Gunner Facebook page continues to share accurate and relevant content on the use of the M4/M16. Take for instance the info they recently shared on the USGI 30 rd Magazine Go/NoGo Gauge.

The Small Arms Master Gunner writes:

According to Maintenance Information Message #16-039, the Enhanced Performance Magazine is meant to replace the existing approved magazine (with a Tan follower) in the Army’s inventory as the old magazines become unserviceable. This does not include all the magazines that have black and green followers that are still out there from the M16 that should be turned into DRMO, not issued. But how do we know when our approved magazines are unserviceable?

PS Magazine from March of 2011 gives us the answer. There is a Magazine Go/NoGo gauge available to let you know if the feed lips are out of tolerance, and therefore likely to cause feed issues.

Picture two shows the article discussing its use and the NSN. If you have magazines that do not pass the test with the Go/NoGo gauge, they are supposed to be replaced as per PSMagazine.

The NSN for this gauge is 5120-01-574-0036. If you cannot get it through supply channels, Brownell’s also has it for sale where it is known as the AR-15/M16 MAGAZINE FEED LIP GAUGE. Picture three shows it on their website. Brownell’s also has GSA pricing, so it is possible for GPC purchase of this item.

There should at least be one of these per Arms room. Ideally, there should be one of these per Platoon, as then soldiers can diagnose their magazines as a part of their weekly PMCS. And as their magazines fail to meet the spec of the gauge, they can be turned in, and replacements ordered. This is a way around the supply NCO issuing out bad magazines. Any magazines that are turned into the supply NCO that are bad need to be marked in some way so as to leave no doubt in that supply NCO’s mind that these magazines are broken and should not be reissued.

So to sum up: Any magazine that does not look like the magazine on the left in picture 1 or a Magpul Gen3 magazine is a NOGO and should not be used, as they will cause damage to the M4 or M16 with the M855A1 EPR. Existing approved magazines should be checked for spec with the Go/NoGo Gauge regularly, and if they do not meet the spec, they should be turned into the supply sergeant for a new magazine.

I didn’t realize there was even a gauge, let alone what it looked like. These guys went a step further and shared photos to help you understand how it’s used.

Some people had questions from the feed lips tool post as to how much of a difference there was between a go and nogo. I’ve got one of the prototype tools present ton give you an example of its use.

If you look in picture one, you will see the tool on the back side of a tan follower USGI magazine.

As you can see, the nogo side is the top side, if it stops before reaching the nogo side, the feed lips are within tolerance. There is a considerable difference between go and nogo.