Flag-Saving FedEx Guy Joins Brownells at NRAAM

GRINNELL, Iowa (April 21, 2017) – Brownells proudly supports American patriots who wear uniforms of all types – sometimes even those who wear a package delivery uniform.

When footage of Matt Uhrin, an Iowa City-area package delivery man, appeared on national media showing him bravely saving an American flag from being burned by a group of protestors, Brownells knew they had to thank their fellow Iowan.

An NRA member and U.S. Army combat veteran, Mr. Uhrin, also known as the “FedEx Guy” will attend several events with the Brownells team at the upcoming 146th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Atlanta, GA.

These events include the open-to-the-public Brownells Social Media Meetup taking place in the Omni Hotel South Tower Lobby on Friday, April 28, at 6:30 PM. In addition to Mr. Uhrin’s presence, Brownells will host Eric & Chad from IraqVet8888, Mr. Guns ‘N Gear, LeaSpeed6, Janna Reeves, RapidFire Rachel and other industry social media personalities.

Mr. Uhrin will also be honored during a special presentation in the Brownells booth (#1713) at 1:45 PM (EDT) on Saturday, April 29.

“I am extremely excited and honored to be given this opportunity to go to 146th NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits with the great people from Brownells,” said Uhrin. “It is extremely humbling to be given an opportunity like this.”

“It’s a privilege to honor Matt at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits,” added Pete Brownell, CEO of Brownells. “This annual gathering is not only a celebration of our Second Amendment and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, it’s also a place to acknowledge real people who do the right thing. I can’t think of a better place to thank Matt for his service to our country and the heroism he displayed while protecting our Nation’s flag and all it stands for.”

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28 Responses to “Flag-Saving FedEx Guy Joins Brownells at NRAAM”

  1. DatBoi says:

    Classic. Honoring a guy who stole a flag. I thought private property rights were protected in America? I’m all for flying the flag, but that fl

    • DatBoi says:

      *But that flag represents freedom-freedom to do something as long as it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s rights.

      • SVGC says:

        I’m always surprised by what seems to ruffle people’s feathers on this forum.

      • Let me guess – your a millennial who has never served anyone other than yourself let alone your country right ? Yeah that what I figured- go back to your moms basement and maybe she will make your favorite hot pocket tonight to soothe your hurt feelings….

        • Ranger Rick says:

          Larry, they’ve never missed a meal or an hours sleep in their lives except maybe to wait in line for the next I-Phone.

        • Guy says:

          Flag burning is pathetic. No one is saying it isn’t that. Yet, it’s constitutionally protected by the first amendment and until such time as it’s not, anyone wearing a uniform is obligated to protect these idiots rights to burn the flag. Sorry, we cant protect only the rights we agree with.

          Coming from a “millennial” whose served, btw. 11B. Also, hot pockets are delicious LAV, give em a shot sometime.

        • Disco says:

          I don’t necessarily agree with DatBoi but I HAVE served my country, HAVE gone hungry, and HAVE put people down for Old Glory.

          It’s just a flag.that someone else bought, and the driver had no right to it.

          Private property is private property. Same if you tore up a bible.

          You can do whatever you like to cloth and paper but it doesnt ever strip away what it means to me. The one time I can remember being truly moved in my life was coming home and seeing the Flag flapping in the wind. Like….”You’re really home”

          But I’m not everybody and everybody isn’t me. He makes a valid point, like it or not.

          How many people burned Nazi, Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean flags and lived to tell about it?

          I do not reward fanaticism. In fact it makes me sick

      • Stone11c says:

        Obviously you’ve never signed a contract with years of your life. If you had you’d know exactly why it has NOTHING to do with “rights” and EVERYTHING to do with the pathetic cowardice of someone willing to burn the American flag instead of wearing it on thier shoulder!

      • DatBoi says:

        Y’all get triggered awful easy. What, do you guys need a safe space or something? Does reading a comment on a blog that you disagree with cause that much internal trauma? I do wear that flag on my shoulder, 11C. And I despise seeing people burn that flag. But I actually understand freedom and property rights, something some of y’all have trouble understanding. Quit acting like a liberal and stop getting so offended over stuff you disagree with.

        • SSD says:

          It seems to me that everyone was commenting on your reaction to being triggered.

        • Marcus says:

          Burning our flag, which symbolizes everything we stand for, is a desperate, cretinous and overtly dissociative act. It shows an innate desire to disconnect, trample and banish the very freedom it represents.

          It’s s not a simple act of protest. It’s a declaration of ignominious intent.

          Ergo, taking it back, by force if necessary, shows that what it symbolizes and ultimately represents will be protected at all costs.

          This sophism that somehow the only protection our Constitution affords is to those who wish to see it destroyed, is an argument purveyed by fools, buffoons and those more interested in convenience, than cogent discussion.

          I’ll take a legion of men like Matt over those who these types of fallacious arguments.

        • Ed says:

          Hey BOI! You win internet TROLL of the day, now GFY!


        • G1E says:

          Certainly glad I don’t live in your world, at this end we revere the flag of the United States of America. As an observation, you seem to be missing some context.

          • DatBoi says:

            Did you not read what I wrote? I said I despise seeing it burned, and I do revere and love the flag and the things it stands for. I simply recognize that in this country, you cannot take another person’s property because you don’t like what they are doing with it.

    • Stefan S. says:

      Go back under your bridge. Congrats to Mr. Uhrin.

      “Save the earth…Compost a leftist”

  2. AGL Bob says:

    Screw the protestors, and a salute to Mr. Uhrin.

  3. Jon says:

    This may sound weird, but I now appreciate when people are so riled up about how much the country sucks and is failing them. I get angry but then transcend to my f-d-up rationale where I know my opinion about them being complete worthless pieces of garbage balances with the fact that they are proving how free we are in this country to express ourselves. Have they earned the right to their ignorance?

    I guess it doesn’t bother in me the long run because I know where my foundation is and that some goon burning the flag hasn’t learned enough about themselves yet to appreciate the life they have. Maybe they never will but America has provided them the opportunity.

  4. Ranger Rick says:

    “Fighting facisim here” by burning a flag they bought at Walmart in Iowa City.

    Political awareness and protest action has really hit a new low. And these are our “future leaders”…..

  5. demure says:

    It seems to be a dissenting opinion here, but I personally see flag burning as one of the many freedoms I fought to protect while in the military.

    • SSD says:

      I find it to be the most pathetic forms of protest. The destruction of our country’s symbols by citizens reveals a hatred of self and at the same time a lack of recognition and appreciation of American privilege.

    • Kit Badger says:

      I think this mindset comes with distance form the uniform. Once flag burning isn’t tolerated or worse, illegal, we have started down a dark road…

      *Not in defense of any of those gems of humanity… …just in defense of my own behaviors that people may not agree with, but don’t hurt others or their property (feelings don’t count)*

  6. CWG says:

    Flag burning is the only form of protest for those who hate America but are too stupid to know how good they have it here.

    Matt Uhrin is the Rick Monday of our generation, and I’m proud to have worn the same uniform as him.

  7. Richard Schagen says:

    Paradoxically it’s because of that flag,that they can burn it.

    But they don’t seem to understand that.

  8. jbgleason says:

    As one of the very few things a LA (that’s Louisiana folks, we own the abbreviation you CA socialists) politician has ever said that made sense:

    “If they have the right to burn the flag then you should have the right to punch them in the face. Seems fair.”*

    *He tried to make “physically interceding” in the actions of a flag burner a state law but it didn’t pass.

  9. Rosco says:

    The flag-burning special snowflakes were burning to flag to get attention. Well, the got some. I wish they would have gotten A LOT MORE “attention”….like trip-to-the-ER-worthy “attention”.