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Frogs for Freedom Rides

Frogs Freedom runs are starting soon. Now entering their 8th year, the first of these will take place in Chicago on June 4th. Here is a little information for those of you who are interested. You do not have to be a SEAL to participate.

Frogs for Freedom 2011 Flyer

Other events are scheduled throughout the remainder of the summer.

Chicago, June 4th, Mike Ryan, [email protected]

San Diego, August 21st, Dave Chelsea, [email protected]

New England, September 18th, Ron Flockton, [email protected]

UPDATED Virginia Beach, September 24th 17th, Gene Warta, [email protected]

Bandera Texas, October 1st, Fred Cox, [email protected]

Regardless of venue, all proceeds benefit The NAVY SEAL Foundation and donations are tax deductible. This Foundation and your contributions help support Naval Special Warfare Operators including NAVY SEALs, SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant Craft-Crewman), and NSW Support Personnel, their families, and the children of our Fallen and Wounded NSW Warriors.



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