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Battle Mug

It’s getting VERY hot here at the home office and one of the best ways to cool down is to take a big, cool drink. So, why not do it in style? Featuring 4 Mil Std 1913 rails, the Battle Mug starts life as a 13.5 pound! solid block of 6061 T6 billet aluminum before it enters a state of the art CNC facility. What comes out is a 24 ounce tankard that screams warrior. The idea came about over beers and a conversation about a pile of removable M4 carrying handles.

Battle Mug has been used in a variety of ways; to commemorate commissioning, to honor others and hail & farewells, and as gifts for loved ones.

Battle Mug is Made in USA and can be customized in a variety of ways including various finishes. Additionally, the Picatinny rails will accept any number of accessories, including those pesky M4 carrying handles which make tipping back a brew or two a snap.

To order yours, visit www.battlemug.com


8 Responses to “Battle Mug”

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  2. Jesse says:

    Looks like that gent is putting Mexican Negra Modelo in that Made in the USA Mug. Very good beer.

  3. X says:

    Scots and Brits are not allowed to use these, heck they are bad enough at piss ups without a chunk of metal in their hands!


  4. JP says:

    A W E S O M E

  5. Somthingfunny says:

    Mr X very true at least a glass one does shatter once it strikes its victim during mess games !

    Great idea though I want one !

  6. Marv says:

    Great coommn sense here. Wish IÂ’d thought of that.