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Revision Releases ExoShield

Revision has just released the ExoShield goggle to the general public. Previously in limited release to specialized customers, the ExoShield was developed initially to satisfy a requirement for a skydiving goggle. However, the low-cost design proved so effective it quickly began to be used for other applications.

“The Revision Exoshield is an ultra compact hybrid solution designed by special operators for special operations,” explains Dan Packard, Sr. VP of Military Sales for Revision. “This end-user driven product, the Exoshield, provides unequivocal night vision gear compatibility, ballistic protection and environmental shielding for use in high-speed, dynamic operations.”

I have had a pair for a couple of months and they are fantastic. The design protects the eyes and keeps out dust due to the comfort foam which actually lives up to its name. Additionally, I have not noted any fogging but admittedly have not used them under particularly strenuous or high humidity conditions. The headstrap is a two piece design that Velcroes together and can be used with a variety of helmets. For Pro-Tec and Gentex Parachutist helmets the ExoShield is to be worn beneath the helmet with the straps extending out the back through the slits and attached on the outside.

If I would ask for one change at this point it would be to change the headstrap to a Foliage Green or Tan color. However, since the ExoShield was originally envisioned as eyepro for airborne operations I understand why it is currently Black.

Revision provided this quote form an unnamed PJ that echoes my sentiment, “The eyewear is great, keeps out the dust (even under freefall) and is comfortable even for extended periods. I think this is ‘the product’ for the guys that need a multipurpose goggle.” While he doesn’t mention it, they are extremely low profile and can be worn with NODs. The lenses meet or exceed military ballistic certification standards.

The Exoshield Extreme Low-Profile Eyewear Kit consists of a goggle with comfort foam in either clear or solar (as in dark) lens versions, Black headstrap, microfiber cleaning cloth, and storage case. It retails for $49.99 MSRP.


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