Company Profile – ROMO Productions

I hadn’t heard of ROMO Productions until just a few days ago. Turns out, they are a Woman/Minority-Owned and Operated Small Business with over 35 years of manufacturing highly technical garments for the Surf and Active Sports Industry. Then, three years ago, they took that experience and applied it to the Military contracting world.

They currently serve as Prime Contractor for the USMC Physical Training Uniform and have successfully delivered over 600,000 units, with zero returns so far. That’s pretty impressive. By far, the USMC running suit is the envy of all of the services and in a recent meeting with military bloggers Sergeant Major of the Army Chandler related that there was interest within the Army leadership to take a look at their running suit and look at ways to improve it.

They have done such a great job on the USMC running suit that we thought it would be good to let folks know about them.

They offer development and technical design engineering capabilities, are multi-lingual and utilize and develop automated technology, practice lean production techniques, offer 24 hour real time inventory access so you can view what is going on with your product materials, work-in-progress reports, purchase orders, etc. Also, they practice in-line accountability at each step of the manufacturing process to eliminate errors and waste. This also mitigates bottle necks in all departments including production, sourcing, logistics and administration.

Co-Owners Rhonda Valles, President/CEO and Monica Salci, VP/Client Relations, stated that, “Loyalty and values are everything to us. We are partners/teammates, not just contract sewers, and our processes are systematic, efficient, lean and intuitive, assuring a comprehensive, fluid and symbiotic co-managing environment. We are looking to establish ourselves as valued partners as a government apparel vendor and build those relationships on a foundation of trust and old fashioned work ethic so that we add ‘value’ to your business, procurement and supply chain”.

From what we’ve gathered, ROMO Productions offers two advantages; quality, scaled production and woman owned small business. This means Government buyers can meet their small business set aside needs and receive well built products that are delivered on schedule.

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