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T Series Sleeping Bags

Extreme Outfitters has just begun offering the new T Series Sleeping Bags from Tactical Assault Systems. The bags range in size and temp ratings and include the T2 (10°C/50°F), T3 (0°C/32°F), T4 (-10°C/14°F), and T5 (-20°C/-4°F) bags.

Utilizing Dupont® Thermolite® Extreme® insulation, the T Series offer excellent compressibility. Additionally, the rectangular compression sack allows the stored bag to pack easier by eliminating dead space in your pack. All bags in the T Series have a couple of innovative features including a zip-in/zip-out removable bug net as well as a zip-in/zip-out thermal head cover. Based on combat lessons learned the bags have a Velcro/Snap closure system in addition to the zipper allowing the operator to escape the bag quickly.

Through the month of July Extreme will be selling these at 25% OFF retail as an introductory special. They are available now in Black or OD from www.extremeoutfitters.us.

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3 Responses to “T Series Sleeping Bags”

  1. corsair says:

    Without an EN-test rating, how do these bags stack-up and measure against the rest of the commercial market?

  2. Administrator says:

    If you mean the EN 13537 rating test, military bags do not have to be certified. It is a European test protocol.

    “EN 13537:2002 Requirements for Sleeping Bags” is the official European criterion for the classification of sleeping bags. EN13537 applies to all sleeping bags with the exemption of sleeping bags for military use and sleeping bags for extreme temperatures, i.e., comfort range below -25°C. The criterion was published in 2002 and has now been adopted in most European countries, and also used by numerous outdoor companies outside of Europe.”

  3. Jayce says:

    Are the T5 sleeping bags manufactured in the UK??