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Order of the Undercollar

This guy looks REALLY proud to be an Engineer.  I bet he has castle buttons on his ASU too.When the ACU was adopted by the Army, the rank insignia was moved to the center of the chest and the officer branch insignia was eliminated from the utility uniform. Naturally, this didn’t stop officers from wearing their branch insignia, they just had to come up with some interesting ways of doing it. Then comes along, Order of the Undercollarâ„¢, a company founded to provide branch insignia that fits perfectly on the Velcro found under the collar on the ACU. That way, an officer can flash his buddies the high sign so they know who’s who. I can say one thing, they are honkin’ big so you won’t have any problems sorting lawyers and tankers. Not sure if they have a MultiCam version coming yet or not but they will do custom runs with a unit designator. Be sure to check out the HH6 patch as well in case she, or he for that matter, lounges around in ACUs.

To order visit www.orderoftheundercollar.com.

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One Response to “Order of the Undercollar”

  1. packtray says:

    Meh, I always found this to be an indicator of feelings of inadequacy. This was also done a lot with branch-detail officers who missed being Armor or whatever. Harmless, I guess, but speaks volumes about the individual.