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Service Perks

Last week we met the folks from Service Perks and the concept is fantastic; “Giving Back to Those Who Give.” Every day they introduce a new great offer for service members (Mil and First Responders). The idea is simple. It’s a daily group buying concept where each deal is “tipped” before it becomes valid. If too few people sign on, the deal goes away, so those who want the deal have an incentive to get others to buy. They also have to buy that day, because most deals last no longer than 24 hours.

They just launched their new website but they have been very active on Facebook for some time.

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One Response to “Service Perks”

  1. Bo says:

    Don’t beat me up for this shameless plug…BUT… my sister is one of the owner/operators of the serviceperks website and she’s really excited about the potential the site has. I can tell that those guys genuinely care about us servicemen/women and I hope it does well so we can save some money on stuff.

    I’ve been following SS for a long time and was super stoked you guys mentioned this.