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Check Out the New Stuff from SureFire

Tactical Fanboy ran a series of three articles last week with previews of coming attractions from SureFire. One of the items already released is the new UB3T Invictus. The aluminum CombatGrip body features a rotary dial switch just behind the head selects to intensity as well as strobe and SOS modes. It uses 3 x CR123s to produce 800 lumens for 1.7 hours variable down to 2 lumens for 150 hours via 8 different settings. In addition to the light settings switch, the UB3T also features a tailcap. Press the switch for momentary-on light at the selected output setting, press further, at any light output setting, and get all 800 lumens. SureFire calls this their MaxBlastâ„¢ tailcap feature. You can also twist for constant-on light at the selected output setting or twist further for max output. Naturally, it also incorporates a TIR lens combined with an LED lamp. Other features include a fuel gauge that indicates battery charge level and weatherproof O-ring and gasket seal. We’ve had one for a few weeks and the versatility is amazing. This is definitely a light that you need to practice with to master. It isn’t something you want to pick up for the first time and have to use in a real world situation.

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Strobe Warning from SureFire
Exposure to strobing lights may cause dizziness, disorientation, and nausea. A very small percentage of people suffer from photosensitive epilepsy—approximately .00025 % of the population—and may experience seizures or blackouts triggered by strobing lights. Visit www.epilepsyfoundation.org for more information about this rare form of epilepsy. Anyone who has had symptoms linked to this condition should consult a doctor before using this product.

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