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Source Hydration Vehicle Hydration System ADS Tactical


Source Hydration has introduced the Vehicle Hydration System which allows individuals to hydrate while enroute to the objective without draining their own reservoirs. These days many units are utilizing armored and mine protected vehicles and this looks like a great enhancement.

Consisting of a 25l Aquasource bladder and the Vehicle Hub Station (VHB), VHS is quickly integrated into any vehicle.

The Aquasource bladder holds 5 gallons and can also be worn as a backpack with it’s own straps or connected to a MOLLE frame. The VHB has 6 ports to accommodate the Source self-sealing SQC “quick-connectors” which are removable for cleaning or field replacement. The 6 ports can accommodate 6 different personnel or can be used to daisy chain VHBs to add ports. Also, the individual push button drink valves stay with the user, no matter where they are riding.

Source is well known for their glass-like PE reservoir that offers neutral taste. Additionally, it is easily cleaned due to the slider top that allows whole hand access to the inside of the bladder.



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  1. […] The AquaSource 20l is the first accessory designed to fit the USMC’s new pack frame. As you can see, the AquaSource adapts directly to the Down East 1606 frame (and the Army-issue 1600 frame as well) allowing a single Marine to effect a water resupply for his Squad. The AquaSource holds 20l of water in its collapsible bladder which features Source’s Glass-likeâ„¢ reservoir technology. There are multiple carrying handles including integral shoulder straps for use in a pinch. Additionally, it adapts directly to Source Hydration’s Vehicle Hydration System. […]