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Whiskey 5 – 215 Gear

At 215 Gear, we take great pride in catering to the top tier Military and Federal Law Enforcement Units. Since 2007, we have the honor to design and purpose built equipment, as tough as the men wearing it.

215 Gear produces high quality kit, specifically designed for Special Operations use.

The 215 Gear manufacturing and distribution headquarters are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

215 Gear was formed in the beginning of 2007. Our first legacy products hit stores in October 2007. Since then we have focused on providing our gear to America’s elite.

215 Gear was founded by a Special Operations member, with numerous tours to multiple AO’s. Tired of poorly designed kit failing when it was needed most, 215 Gear was born. At 215 Gear, you will see products and ideas with innovation and design unparalleled in the industry. Most, if not all, of our products have been fielded by Special Operations personnel before you see it on the shelves. Our products are designed around current mission requirements, using firsthand knowledge of the task that gear was designed for. Many of our competitors use designers that have never served, let alone done the kind of jobs expected by today’s Operator. This gives our products a unique design perspective, because they are truly

For the Operator, by the Operator

215 Gear searches out the latest hardware and finest materials, combined with out of the box thinking, providing products that are lighter, stronger and faster than anything currently on the market.

By purchasing a product from 215 Gear, you can rest assured that product has passed the ultimate test, combat. If a product is on our shelves, we are saying it has been tested and is good to go. Item for item, we cannot price compete with companies who outsource everything overseas from their product packaging, to the gear in the bag. What we can do is source the best materials made, combine that with real world experience and produce a superior product. Made in America, for the Americans defending our way of life.



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