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PEO Soldier Media Roundtable – The Tweets

For those of you who don’t follow us on Twitter or just plain old missed it, we’ve taken all of our tweets and posted them here so you can see what you missed. There in chronological order although sans time stamp. And remember, you got all of this, live as it unfolded.

BG Nichols, PEO Soldier related that they spent $2.8 Billion on Soldiers last year.

#PEOSodlier officials regularly visit troops in the field for constant feedback on equipping issues

COL William Cole relates that #PEOsoldier is fielding kevlar bike shorts as pelvic protection.

#PEOsoldier has fielded 2 Bn’s of the British pelvic protection. US version uses Kevlar and integrates outer garment as well as bike shorts.

#peosoldier inner garment weighs ounces, outer garment just under a pound. inner garment protects from rocks and debris in wounds.

#peosoldier pelvic protection mitigates wounds and prevents secondary infections.

#peosoldier Army Combat Pants as part of RFI. 3 contracts awarded, fielding soon. integrated kneepads, stretch panels.

#peosoldier hot weather mountain combat boot coming from Belleville and Wellco do not have GORE-TEX lining.

#peosoldier Each deployed Soldier to receive 1 each, Mountain Combat Boot and Hot Weather version.

#peosoldier COL Scott Armstrong PM Soldier Weapons, discusses Carbine dual path strategy

#peosoldier COL Armstrong – Goal is to field IC in 3 years. Ultimate winner to be determined by best value.

#peosoldier COL Armstrong – Army will conduct cost benefit analysis to determine if IC is true improvement over M4A1

#peosoldier COL Armstrong- M4 PIP brings current carbines to M4A1 standard and further improve bolts and rails.

#peosoldier Army has renamed the XM25 the Individual Semi-automatic Airburst System. I still prefer “Punisher”

#peosoldier Army is working to field additional improved XM25s with delivery in late 2012 with combat fielding 6 months later.

#peosoldier COL Stephanie Foster PM Sensors & Lasers-Individual Gunshot Detection fielded in response to urgent need. 5000 systems in theater

#peosoldier COL Foster – Joint Effects Targeting System under development. Improved Manportable laser designator.

#peosoldier COL Foster mentions affordability based decision making to field right capability at right time at an affordable price

#peosoldier COL Foster wants her sensors to be networked into NETT warrior.

#peosoldier PM Soldier Warrior deputy says Army had Configuration Steering Board for Nett Warrior Troops wanted less weight, more capability

#peosoldier NETT Warrior will use JTRS as comms backbone. New enduser device less than 1 lbs. Uses Solar panel as one means to charge.

#peosoldier JTRS radio is Rifleman Radio variant

#peosoldier concern with enduser device at this point is security accreditation

#peosoldier Army is NOT implementing 3G wireless communication at this point. Comms backbone is Rifleman Radio.

#peosoldier Army will screen which apps are loaded on to enduser device

#peosoldier Army Camo Improvement Effort- Over industry 20 submissions, Picture in Picture survey conducted with 900 Soldiers

#peosoldier Army crunching numbers on Picture in Picture evals with possible downselect at end of Oct.

#peosoldier Camo Pic-in-Pic eval included 45 environments

#peosoldier Army offering optional 1.5 in. thick helmet pads to tighten up loose helmets to help combat TBI. Also new sensors coming.

#peosoldier New deliveries of ECWCS Gen 3 integrate FR lvl 5 softshell. Army looking to leverage additional FR capability for Soldiers.

#peosoldier USMC driving train on ECH fielding.

#peosoldier T11 parachute once again being used at Jump School. Army working to update offset data to increase airdrop accuracy.

#peosoldier T11 parachute once again being used at Jump School. Army working to update offset data to increase airdrop accuracy.

#peosoldier Thanks to the @PEOSoldier team and BG Nichols for the update on their portfolio of programs!

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