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RIP Leonard “Len” Whistler

I first met Leonard Whistler in 1990 when I was assigned to the Activation Cell for 2nd Bn, 3rd SFG(A). He was a 96B All Source Analyst in the Group Military Intelligence Detachment and I was assigned to a SOT-A in 2nd Bn’s MID once we got enough guys on board. He was a very personable guy and really into the job. He deployed to Operation Desert Storm with the Group Headquarters and 1st Bn while those of us in the still forming 2nd Bn stayed at Bragg. When he came back we heard loads of stories of the goat rope that ensued including how the Group Staff “retook” the American Embassy in Kuwait. Literally, retook, as it had already been cleared when they fast roped unto the roof.

Len had always been into the history side of SF and was well known in the community for producing small runs of custom team and morale patches when it was still a passion and not a business. After he left the Army he worked a couple of contracts overseas and I’d bump into him here and there with both of us gravitating back to Bragg. Me in the Air Force and him working as a civilian contractor in various portions of the SFQC and later as a government civilian at the SF Museum. That was his passion and I think we got a lot of bang for our buck out of him working there. He was a regular fixture at the Green Beret Parachute Club and many readers will know him from there or from the SF Association.

Yesterday, I found out my old friend had succumbed on 1 October to throat cancer at age 59. It was a sad day. Lots of us will miss him.

Rest In Peace My Friend

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  1. FormerSFMedic says:

    Very sad. I remember hearing about Len during my time in the community. He was absolutely well known. Some of the patches I saw that hung on the team walls at Bragg were done by Len.