NRA Life of Duty – The Colors of Commitment: The Joseph Collins Story

If you are a public service professional – Soldier, Cop, Firefighter, EMT…then you need to know about NRA’s Life of Duty, because, it’s for you. Think of it part entertainment, part professional development, and a dash of good old fashioned American Pride thrown in for good measure.

The present various video series which we have covered before. Their latest is the story of a man who served in the US Marine Corps, the US Army and has protected our country as a Law Enforcement Officer for more than ten years. Raised as a pastor’s son, Joseph is a courageous man who loves his family and loves his God.

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4 Responses to “NRA Life of Duty – The Colors of Commitment: The Joseph Collins Story”

  1. MARSOCMarine says:

    NRA’s life of duty series is great, but it would be much, much better if they kept the religious bullcrap out of it.

    Religion should be a strictly personal/family thing.

  2. Joseph Collins says:

    I’m sure no one has a sidearm shoved in your soup cooler forcing you to watch the stories. Religion is a personal issue, but if you have been watching the stories you would know that each story presented is personal.

  3. Sarah Krantz says:

    My daughter went to school with Joe’s wife they also work together. So proud of Joe and the awesome work these guys do for all of us. Thank you

  4. Scott says:

    Good presentation and for me the slight religious aspect showed one more dimension of a fine example of our law enforcement community. Godspeed Officer.