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A New SSD App? Help Us Make It Better

We are working on putting out a new app for SSD. When it happens it will be for both iOS and Android. While the current app for iOS is very popular, we want something more. Please post in the comments section below, those features you would like to see in an SSD app. Naturally, we would like to see something you can use day-to-day and perhaps have some tactical utility as well.

We love crowd sourcing, so give us your ideas.

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11 Responses to “A New SSD App? Help Us Make It Better”

  1. Mike says:

    Apps for a blog don’t make any sense.
    Just get a mobile website, so it’s easy to navigate on SSD with a smart phone.

    • Administrator says:

      I agree that an app for a blog don’t make sense, yet…guys thank me all of the time for the app we already have.

      One thing you all have to know is that iTunes will no longer accept apps that are essentially just RSS readers. Consequently, to submit a new app to iTunes it needs to do something more.

      I thought that SSD readers would have liked to see a little something more. I was really expecting all kinds of great ideas for tools you could use. I guess I was wrong.

  2. Dan says:

    being and android user im just left asking what was in the IOS app of tactical utility? I like the blog but did the original IOS ap do more than feed the blog? i would really just like a mobile friendly version of the website as mike has stated.

  3. mike says:

    How about a “to buy” list of gear, since that’s basically what happens to me when I read the site. I see something and go “MAN I WANT THAT.” You could even link the item name/website link to the app so it’s easy to click it and add it to your wish list.

  4. Feral Jundi says:

    Interesting. If you are simply wanting to convert this blog into a mobile blog for smart phones, I have been using WP Touch Pro and have been very happy. Definitely pay for the upgraded version. It also converts your site into a great notepad format.

    As for building an SSD app? If you are wanting to put together a bunch of tools that you guys have created into one app, then I could see that. Maybe like a gear weight calculator? Have a deal where guys scroll through manufacture, kit type, and even cost, using a slot machine type scroll, and then guys could build their kit from that. Then the weight of the set up could be calculated. You could also attach gear links for everything, so the user could instantly go to the manufacturer to buy it.

    But if you want a cool icon for the site to show up on a phone or notepad, WP Touch Pro will allow you to do that.

  5. John says:

    I access the site via Flipbook and would love to see cleaner presentation there.

    Without a better understanding of your business model, it is hard to see the additional value the app could provide.

  6. mike says:

    range finder (camera calculates distance to focal point or item aligned with crosshairs)
    gps utility (mark a point, navigate to that point, display coordinates)
    weather info (sync with existing weather service to display wind/precip/etc)
    calendar/timer/countdown timer (assault begins in T-minus, lunch is at x hour)
    dope book (blank forms to take information about how a rifle shoots under what conditions)
    calculator (so you don’t have to leave the program to figure something with numbers you got from another subtool)
    mileage log (integrated with the GPS so it’s automatic or at the end of a trip it asks if you want to add it to the log, for extra goodness)
    make all values clickable/copyable so you can plug one figure from one tool into a value on another tool.

    I just had a few minutes between my rounds, I can keep going if you like…

  7. Justin says:

    If you want it to “do” something a comprehensive manufacturers index with hotlinks would be a neat feature for a blog app about gear essentially. We all know the names like HSGI, eagle and such, but there are a lot of small gear makers who mostly fly under the radar who often get some air time here. There have been many times I remembered mention of a smaller manufacturer and came back to SSd just to find it. Kobelson leatherworks being a recent example. I personally think as an “industry” daily, this would be a useful database for the “industry”

  8. Firewalker says:

    First thing’s first, the app on the iPhone sucks. It’s a pain in the arse (can’t zoom in, can’t zoom out, can’t load websites, can’t download photos, etc. can’t use the website pretty much). Anything you can do to get rid of it or make it better, then sweet.

    Secondly, if you want to provide an app that does “more” then you could do one or more of the following:

    1) Have the ability to browse articles by category/ tag
    2) Have the ability to watch videos from your youtube channel (and maybe post more videos)
    3) Have a map tool that will show the closest gear/ gun stores in the vicinity on google maps.
    4) Photo Gallery
    5) List with hyperlinks to any and all companies you talk about (with a small description of the company).
    6) The ability to comment on posts
    7) If you want to go all nutty, you could just integrate a silly tower defense game featuring terrorists and zombies 😛
    8) A Personal Load-Out Database. Collect the photos and details of as much gear from as many companies as possible and have the user able to include them in a database.

  9. PigmyPuncher says:

    First I want to say I really enjoy reading your site online. I agree the iPhone app could use a few improvements, so here are a few items I’d like to see improved in the current app.
    1) allow zoom of pictures
    2) Support for landscape viewing in main screen
    3) Add function so that when you select ” More.. ” it keeps you at that location on the screen and doesn’t force you back to the beginning of the list where you have to re-scroll back down through the entire list of stuff you’ve already read to try and find the new stuff that was added by using the ” More.. ” function.
    4) Links in articles are served via an horrible interface. The content served up within the app doesn’t zoom or allow landscape view resulting in an excessive amount of left/right and up/down dragging on the screen just to read a couple of lines of text.
    5) original site view and function isn’t any better. See the same complaints listed for #4 above…
    Thanks in advance for your consideration!

  10. David says:

    I have an android and would really love to see an app. I know i could use the content mentioned by Mike above. A full kit and gear manufacturer database with hot link would also be very handy. I also love the idea of gear stores overlaid on google maps to show you where they are. To add to it how about a shot timer and maybe access to some popular military manuals or similar content.