GORE-TEX Professional

Northern Red 2 Day Gunfighter Pistol Carbine

Instructor J.D. Potynsky’s background includes service on an ODA in 3rd Special Forces Group at Ft Bragg, Program Manager and Country Manager in Iraq for a 200 man Private Security Contract, and time as Director of Training for TigerSwan before founding Northern Red.

This is a two day pistol and carbine gunfighting course and everyone I’ve talked to speaks highly of the course and instructor. He usually has a buddy or two along to help with run courses and they will be some of the best shooters out there. You will definitely get your money’s worth. Contact support@greygrouptraining for specifics.

While this course runs several times per year, the next iteration is 3 and 4 December at Trigger Time in Carthage, NC.


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