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Gobbler Knuckles from AAC

Referred to as a “Gobbler Knuckle”, it’s an interesting concept piece. Combining a 1911 bushing wrench with integrated hex wrench holes (including a 3/8″ for LaRue levers and KAC scope mounts) as well as a bottle opener, the “Gobbler Knuckle” features finger holes incorporated into the design which offer a better grip when using it to remove “stuck bushings or stuck beer tops, stuck scope mounts . . . Or other “stuck stuff.” Right now it’s still just a prototype. Hopefully, AAC will put these into production.



3 Responses to “Gobbler Knuckles from AAC”

  1. english kanigit says:

    That looks like it might be the first AAC product I would willingly buy.

    Well thought-out.


  2. BUG says:

    A lot of countries and potentially, some States, are going to have a problem with that as its automatically going to be defined as a knuckle duster.

    Definitely the case here in Australia where Customs believes everything legally procured has to be dubious and hence needs to be re-defined as illegal. Sarcasm apart, they will not look at that tool kindly………..

  3. nick says:

    what kind of watch is that?