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C.A.T. 762 Tool

I want to thank our friends at Loess Hills Tactical for reminding us that Combat Application Tools, Inc. has introduced the CAT-762 Tool. Based on the success of their M4 tool, CAT built a new tool for the carbine’s big brother. One of the challenges in producing a tool for 7.62 Stoner-style weapons is that there are a couple of different ways of going about things which makes it difficult to produce a mne piece tool like the CAT. Consequently, the CAT-762 was specifically designed to work with Armalite and DPMS bolts. Other makes (Larue OBR and Rock River are not compatible) may not fit.

The CAT-762 features a Bolt Cleaner / Scraper, Firing Pin Cleaner, 1/4″ Hex Head, Patch Hole, and a Carrier Cleaner / Scraper.

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