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Hog Saddle Tripod Mounted Rifle Rest Improvements

Hog Saddle showed us a couple of improvements they made to their tripod mounted rifle rest.


For one thing, they’ve replaced the polymer adjustment knob with a MilSpec aluminum version which is more robust.


Additionally, they’ve added coyote urethane pads as an option.

The mount is solid and will hold all but the most unbalanced rifle in place so that the shooter can accomplish other tasks. Additionally, spotters have begun to adopt the Hog Saddle for their spotting scopes.

One final feature that bears mentioning is that the Hog Saddle does not require an adapter and can be attached directly to any 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 thread attachments. This can be a huge space and weight savings.

Made in USA. Get yours from US Tactical Supply or HogSaddle.com.

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