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Win An Autographed Copy of ‘American Sniper’ by Chris Kyle

Sniper Company LLC is teaming up with Chris Kyle, the author of “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History” to run a contest.

Sniper Company LLC sat down and shot the breeze with Chris Kyle during this year’s SHOT Show Media Day. During that visit, Kyle signed a copy of his new book, specifically for this contest.

To enter, go to the “American Sniper” Facebook page and “Like” it. Once you have done that, take a screen shot and post them in this this thread on the Snipercountry forum. The pictures have to show that the “Like” button is missing, indicating that you have liked the page.

Second, “Like” Sniper Company’s page as well. No screen shots needed here…they can verify.

Once you’ve “Liked” both pages, and posted the screen shot in the Sniper Country thread, you are automatically entered into the drawing.

Drawing will be held on March 3, 2012.

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7 Responses to “Win An Autographed Copy of ‘American Sniper’ by Chris Kyle”

  1. Brearly Mason says:

    Chris Kyle a young US sniper who punches a 60 year old man who has just as much right to say what ever he wants as Chris does. He assaulted a man for something he said… learn what you are fighting for buddy! The Freedom of Speech!

  2. Dude, he punched a guy who was talking shit at a funeral and upsetting the family of the fallen SEAL.

    It wasnt about free speech, it was about not hurting the family any more than they were already hurting.

    Besides, he punched a politician. Isnt that everyone’s dream???

    • Prathima says:

      Love most of his books but he is sinlpipg up on important details such as in Crossfire why would his wife think to use hair spray if she had no warning. Wish he wouldn't co-=author and just write take time to write his own instead of being an assembly line.

  3. Brearly Mason says:

    Jesse Ventura was not at a funeral, he was at bar, get your facts straight!

    That politician was a SEAL alum/reservist and the former governor of Minnesota. During his military career from 1969-75, Ventura was a member of the Navy’s Underwater Demolition Team or UDT (the UDT was the precursor to the SEALs) and Jesse is a SEAL reservist.

    I served my country to uphold the Constitution, which IS about the Freedom of Speech. If you someone says something you don’t like, it doesn’t mean you go punch them. If you do, you are nothing but a child.

    In this grunt’s opinion, Chris Kyle took a big crap on every grunt that served before him. It’s pretty easy to sit behind scope hundreds of yards away from the enemy and kill them, try looking them in the eye, washing their blood off your hands, and seeing them in your sleep for the last 37 years. That is what me and my brothers did from 1969 to 1975 and still do today.

  4. Jim D says:

    Brearly, Chris did the “right” thing in many people’s opinion.

    Do you really feel the need to complain publicly about every service member who ever threw a punch in a bar? If so, you must be awfully busy.

    If YOU don’t want to buy his book, don’t. I’m ordering one though.

  5. Brearly Mason says:

    No! I do, however, feel the need to voice my opinion regarding Chris Kyle’s despicable action of using the incident to sell books. How is it the “right” thing for a twenty something year old kid to physically assault someone well over double, almost triple, their age, a retired serviceman no less? And then use the story to sell books?

    I think Jess Ventura earned the right to voice his opinion in a public place. If I ever get the chance to meet Chris Kyle, I will tell him so, and I welcome Chris Kyle’s response – whatever it may be.

  6. Haters. One on every corner.