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Lions in Winter – One Impressive Picture

LTG Hal Moore, SGM Basil Plumley and Joseph Galloway rendering honors at a ceremony at Ft Benning, dedicating a statue to Lt Rick Rescorla. A Lieutenant during the Battle of Ia Drang, Rescorla rose to the rank of Colonel in the Army Reserves. Unfortunately, he died while working to save people in the south World Trade Center tower on 9/11/01.

I find this somber yet inspirational at the same time.

Not that I have anything against the movie, but if you haven’t read Mr Galloway’s classic We Were Soldiers Once and Young, you really really should. Thank you Mr Galloway for your picture, thank all four of you for everything.

They were soldiers once, and young


The statue of Viet Nam War Platoon Leader Lt Rescorla


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3 Responses to “Lions in Winter – One Impressive Picture”

  1. Tom L. says:

    Some people join the military because they have no other choice in order to lead a better life for themselves. Some people answer the call to duty to protect their nation during times of war and peace. Some people do it because it was a life long dream.

    Regardless of why people join the military, there are always those that will stand apart from the rest, those who were born to save lives and protect their people, and Lt. Rick Rescorla had that spark in him, and died doing what came naturally to him.

    Here’s to staying true to his soul and to our duty.

  2. crusader says:

    jab, agree!