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Liberty Jump Team

The Liberty Jump Team is a commemorative parachute team honoring WWII heroes and Veterans of all Wars and Foreign Conflicts. Their jumps commemorate the D-Day invasion and the liberation of Europe as well as perpetuating the service of those who have served after, including today’s brave men and women.

The Liberty Jump team recruits from active and inactive military parachutists with an in-house jump training operations and school located in Bristow, Oklahoma. They use a C-47 as a jump platform and have conducted airborne operations all over the US as well as in Amfreville, Carentan, Liesville Sur Douve, Angoville au Plain France as well jumps commemorating Bastogne and Holland.

This video is a compilation of clips shot in France, Holland, Fort Benning Georgia, and Geneseo New York featuring the Liberty Jump Team and the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group.

To learn more visit Although the website is a little dated. LJT is very much an active organization. I’m told that Jil Launay is the real backbone behind this organization. So hat’s off to her.

Thanks Rich for sharing this story with us.

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3 Responses to “Liberty Jump Team”

  1. Conely says:

    Yeah, the Liberty Jump Team does good things however they basically “Acquired” equipment as well as training from another organization in order to stand-up their Team. It is a sorry state of affairs when someone (Jil Launay) has to create their own little empire at the expense of others, and then say it was “for the veterans”. Origional Team website is:

    If you are wondering who this is: E.A.D! (That Should tell you)

  2. Jil Launay says:

    I do not know who CONELY is and will not get into a shouting match with him. Those who send emails like this without using their own name are not worth the effort.But to write something like this is both libelous about myself and our team.
    LJT ,which is a team comprised of predominantly active duty and retired Military has very honorable reputation. We are the only Civilian team in the US to jump at Ft Benning both in 2009 and 2011 for the 1BN 507th PIR (the Airborne School). We are the lead in jump every year in Normandy, France for the combined forces Military jump plus numerous other jumps. This year we will jump at Ft Campbell KY for the ‘Week of Eagles’ airshow. We work very hard to maintain a sense of dignity in all we do. I do not need to defend our team beacuse our reputation in the community of veterans and the Military is solid and of the highest standing.
    Thank you,Rich and Soldier Systems for printing this article. It has already brought us many new members.

  3. Susan says:

    This is amazing!!!! I would never have the guts to do that. I follow the Liberty Jump team’s website and I never get bored of their video. Please keep up the hard work!