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SPARTAN.AT – KSK spielt mit Crye

German language gear blog SPARTAN.AT took a couple of Seul Military Consulting‘s photos and broke them down detailing the equipment seen in each. It’s some of the best of the best including Crye and Ops-Core. A good translation of the title would be, “KSK Rolls With Crye”.

My favorite line is the last one in the article. “Ausrüstung am Boden aufgelegt: CAGE, BLAST-Belt und alles was gut und teuer ist. or Equipment put on the floor: CAGE, BLAST Belt and everything that is good and expensive.”

Check it out at You might need to use

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3 Responses to “SPARTAN.AT – KSK spielt mit Crye”

  1. Ycare says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a CAGE Plate Carrier (CPC) and the Low Profile Belt with ballistic insert. Very nice kit, I got the same. 😉
    Doesn’t look like he’s using the StKSS kit though, too bad, pretty helpful with that setup.

  2. AttackBlue1 says:

    Rolls or plays?