Solar Stik WASP 30

I met Solar Stik a few years ago at Modern Day Marine and they’ve been in the business of providing green energy solutions to Government for some time. The thing about green energy is that you have to embrace it rather than looking at it as some kind of hippy cause. Think of it from the viewpoint a survivor on a desert isle, where you have to harness all of your resources. Chances are good that there is plenty of sun and wind when you are deployed but you aren’t getting it to work for you. Both of those resources can be used to produce power. In fact, once you adopt that mindset, you might consider Solar Stik’s WASP as a manportable solar generator.

Solar Stik developed the WASP in cooperation with another company, Orlando, Florida based Advanced Power Electronics Corporation (ApECOR). ApECOR’s benchmark X-90 multi-chemistry battery charger is the core component of the WASP. The X-90 can be used to charge many military battery, including the popular BB-2590 rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

WASPs are available in three versions: 30W, 60W, and 120W flexible solar panels and include flexible solar panels, cables, connectors, and carriers.

Solar Stik WASP 30

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