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Otis Technology Recognized

Otis Technology is the recipient of the 2012 Productivity Achievement Award by Modern Materials Handling (MMH). Each year the MMH publication recognizes the achievements of three of the facilities that they have featured in the magazine within the past 12 months with a Productivity Award. Otis was announced as the Productivity Award winner in the manufacturing and innovation category for their use of mobile robots in their manufacturing operations. The award was announced in the February 2012 issue of the publication.

Otis relies on RMT Robotics ADAM™ autonomous mobile robots for on-demand random origin to random destination transport of work-in-process materials between Otis’s manufacturing and AS/RS based storage and final assembly operations.

Otis’ Director of Operations, Harold Philbrick says, “Otis has never been afraid to use technology as a means to help make our operations more efficient. We identified excessive amounts of material transportation within our process during initial stages of lean implementation and have since utilized the ADAMs to move material throughout the facility. The benefits of this implementation were recognized immediately. More output has led to shorter lead times and higher on time delivery, while improved operating efficiency has led to inventory accuracy. Being recognized with this Productivity Award shows the success of our implementation in a different aspect. We are very honored.”


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