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April Fools Day

I wonder what we’ll see over the next 24 hours. Not a year goes by that something great doesn’t come up. Last year the whopper was by the US Army themselves, with the Stetson story. Other greats have included field microwaves and MOLLE uniforms. Who will come out on top this year?

11 Responses to “April Fools Day”

  1. MikeW says:

    5.11 has already won. Tactical Kilt all the way.

  2. Josh says:

    LA Police Gear had a pretty good sale on Russian nuclear submarines…

  3. Strike-Hold! says:

    The Tactical Kilt from 5.11 is pretty funny, but the Military Monopoly from Osprey Publishing makes me wish it was for real…

    Gotta say though, the Army set the bar pretty high with that Stetson story last year.

    • FormerDirtDart says:

      Today is the official adoption date of the Army Stetson

      • SSD says:

        Someone should show up to formation tomorrow wearing one.

        • CAVstrong says:

          As a Proud CAV Officer in a light infantry divison, I would wear one every day if I could. Tanker boots too.

  4. Strike-Hold! says:

    P.S. I forgot that PLATATAC were already first out of the starting blocks with their seal camo…

  5. Sal Palma says:

    The GOP race…

  6. Riceball says:

    A day late in posting but the Corps got into the April Fools fun this year and posted a fake ALMAR saying that it would be sleeves up today. The joke being that the Commandant relatively recently decided that the Corps would go to sleeves down year round like the Army which didn’t go well with a lot of Marines and many were excited to see the ALMAR until they realized what day it was.