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Big Grey Ghost Gear Sale on the Horizon

Keep your eyes peeled for a big sale coming from Grey Ghost Gear. Up to 60% off.



5 Responses to “Big Grey Ghost Gear Sale on the Horizon”

  1. Albert says:

    I was directed to their website by your link – tried to purchase something, but their site gave me a credit card processing error, not sure when it will be fixed.

    • Albert says:

      Update – been trying to get this worked out with customer service. The issue hasn’t been resolved yet, but their excellent communication and continued willingness to accommodate me has been nothing short of stellar, and I’ll definitely be purchasing more items from them than originally intended.

  2. Even more off there crazy low prices eh? I had already planned a order but this helps jumpstart that.

  3. Ben Branam says:

    These kind of sales are both good and bad for me. I’ll spend lots of money, but get lots of stuff. My wife hates gear sales.

  4. My missus has told me that my gear must fit on my metal rack and in my gun safe. If it no longer fits there something needs to be sold to clear room. So off to sell things to make room. 😛