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The 633 Sling from Combat Arms Tactical

If you’ve been to the PX at Ft. Lewis recently, you’ve seen the Combat Arms Tactical kiosk there. Eric Pena runs Combat Arms Tactical. He was at Darley Defense Day Thursday and Soldier Systems had the opportunity to video his explanation of the sling to some visiting carnivores from 2/75 Rangers and 1ST SFG. Here’s the video:

For more information, contact Duffy Cavanaugh from Darley Defense, Duffy(at), or go direct with Eric on his Facebook page (

6 Responses to “The 633 Sling from Combat Arms Tactical”

  1. Ben Branam says:

    The sling looks a little complicated, but is a great idea over a wolf hook that a lot of the guys are running. I’ll have to pick one up to test.

  2. JC says:

    Nothing new. Just like all the complicated stuff that spectre and SOG did/do. If you need an owners manual to figure out how to put your new sling together it’s too bloody complicated.

  3. S Santos says:

    I would like to get my hands on one. I’ll be going to the facebook page to pick one up. Thanks for posting the video.

  4. Alan Craig says:

    I will echo what JC said, and then add-

    I mean Christ, I have even saw “Tactical Toilet Paper” (“Tactical Bathroom Tissue”) so named because it comes in OD,Tan, and Camo.
    If your product is worth a sh*t, those who need it will know it has a “Tactical” application…..So, are companies putting it in there for wanna be’s and airsofters,and Ft Livingroom Rambo’s?

    I REALLY hate the “Tactical”, or “SF”…,”Sniper”…”Delta…” and “Devgroup” named gear,second in tackiness only to your company name (Are you listening BLACKHAWK!) plastered on every surface possible, as if your supposed to be a walking billboard while in combat. I rip every label off,or take a marker to crap like that.
    It’s just gotten WAY outta hand anymore.

  5. John says:

    To quote Kyle Defoor: “I have some customers that have to have/use a single point for their job. These are very special non typical applications. For them the S&S (S&S Precision single point w/ sling clip) is the only choice.

    For 99% of all the rest of us, an adjustable 2 point is the best answer.”

    Anytime something claims do a thousand things, it usually does one or more of those things less than optimally. In this case, after viewing the video, as the end user I can already see this sling adding weight and unnecessary parts and functions, making most of what this sling offers mediocre compared to its dedicated 2 pt. or 1 pt. counterpart. My London Bridge 2500BZ lightweight adjustable two point or my Viking Tactics VTAC 2 point crushes this sling in terms of weight saved (huge when you carry a gun for a living) and simplicity (4:35 of video was taken showing me how to even run and attach the sling to my kit and/or weapon).

    As a combat arms military servicemember, I see no use for 90% of the ‘features’ this sling offers.

    There’s a reason you see the best only running certain types of slings (as Defoor alludes to). This is what we call a ‘clue’.