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Wild Things Tactical at JBLM

Wild Things Tactical, recently approved for use a the Army’s Free Fall School for Free Fall and ATIC students, was on hand at the Darley Defense Day at Ft Lewis last week. A number of SOF personnel from 1ST SFG(A) and 2/75 Ranger Battalion, in addition to aviation crewmen, PJs, CCTs and TACPs stopped by to check it out; interestingly, one NCO related to Brian Montgomery (Wild Things Tactical point of contact there) that not only had he been involved in the first T&E iteration a few years back, he “still had the jacket and still loved it”. More than one from AFSOC member mentioned they’d been issued the kit and were well satisfied.

It’s a good sign when guys stop and tell war stories about your gear. For more information contact brian.montgomery (at) On the web a, on Facebook at


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