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Happy 25th Anniversary USSOCOM

April 16, 2012 marked the 25th Anniversary of USSOCOM. Having spent many years of my career in Army, Air Force, and Joint SOF units, I have a special affinity for the command and its personnel.

However, today marks a different anniversary. In the early morning hours of 25 April, 1980 President Carter announced to a stunned world that the United States had undertaken an ambitious raid into Iran to liberate 52 American hostages held at our Embassy. Unfortunately, that raid, named Operation Eagle Claw was unsuccessful and we lost 8 American servicemen. Remember their sacrifice.


But, this failure was the watershed event that created, over the next several decades the world’s preeminent Special Operations capability; USSOCOM and it’s components.

For additional details on USSOCOM’s amazing history, visit www.socom.mil/News/Pages/USSOCOMmarks25thanniversary.aspx


3 Responses to “Happy 25th Anniversary USSOCOM”

  1. Jason says:

    You are not forgotten by those you served with nor by the ones at home you served for. Thank you.

  2. Buckaroomedic says:

    That’s what we Americans do best; get our noses bloodied and bounce right back way better than before. Happened many times in our history.

    RIP Gentlemen.

  3. Absolutely they’re not forgotten – I was in high school at the time and it brought my attention to a new military unit that at that time I did not know existed- I was already planning on going into Special Forces but that event planted a seed that led to my career in a particular US Army Special Operations unit – and I am sure I am not alone

    Rest in Peace – your sacrifices are not forgotten

    Larry Vickers