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Guerrilla USA

‘Guerrilla USA’ is a short US Army documentary highlighting an early Special Forces Unconventional Warfare training exercise. Over time, these types of exercises were discontinued as being too difficult to hold due to the huge amount of moving parts and maneuver area coordination. However, the basic scenario has remained a part of the Special Forces Qualification Course’s ‘Robin Sage’ exercise.


As a kid, I had a copy of US Army Field Manual 31-21, Guerrilla Warfare and Special Forces Operations dated September, 1961. It had several illustrations that came to mind as I watched this film. This is classic early 60s Special Forces. There’s even a guest appearance by BG Yarborough, at the time commander of the Special Warfare Center.

You’ll get a kick out of the equipment used by the SFOD-A. The equipment might have changed over the years but the mission hasn’t.

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