BHI Introduces Weapon Handbook Series as eBooks

We’ve literally mentioned every one of these invaluable handbooks in the past and are glad to say that the Blackheart International weapon handbooks, part of the Blackheart International Training family of Operator’s Guide Series weapon manuals covering NATO and non-Standard (former Soviet-Bloc) weapons, are now available in digital format for all conventional digital reader devices.

The Operational Guide Handbooks are written by former US special operations personnel and current subject matter experts. These publications are not filled with “nice-to-know” but only “need-to-know” information, and can be used as a guide for classes prior to range operations, or as a quick reference when on the range.

These handbooks give the “what” and “how” as well as the “why” necessary to teach the proper operation and employment of the weapons. Currently available books cover the AR-15, M16/M4, AK47/AKM/AK74, Glock pistol and HK 416 rifle. Areas covered include ballistics, malfunctions, maintenance, sight adjustment of commonly used optics, zeroing, battlefield recovery and more. Topics include:
• background/specifications of the weapon
• instruction on operation
• disassembly and assembly procedures
• proper firing procedures
• malfunction/misfire procedures
• body mechanics
• training tips and more

The digital versions of the Operation Guide Handbooks are available for instant download through The spiral-bound print versions can also be purchased through, or directly from Blackheart International at

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