TYR Tactical

Blade Show – Advanced Outfitters

The TERD Kit from Advanced Outfitters is an idea whose time has come. It contains all of your critical doody making materials. Seriously. Have you ever needed to make number two on the trail or in the field and realized the essentials are spread out amongst your kit?


Apparently, this happened to Advanced Outfitters owner Kevin Martin enough times that he decided to do something about it. He really is an old outdoor hand and came up with the Tactical, Everything Required for Dumping Kit. TERD, get it? It consists of a Ti cathole digger, 2 zippered pouches, 1 for TP the other for baby wipes / lady essentials. Also, it integrates a handy clip for hanging it from limbs, etc. It will come in a snazzy turd brown. Look for it, early Fall 2012 from www.advancedoutfitters.com

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