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AO Small Chest-Rig From HSGI

Monday, March 25th, 2013

The HSGI AO Small Chest-Rig was designed in collaboration with Advanced Outfitters. It’s a simple design for the recreational shooter incorporating 3 columns of 8-channel PALS webbing. It can also be transformed into a monster rig with a pair of MOTDs. HSGI also offers the DOUBLE DECKER VALUE COMBO which is the AO Small Chest-Rig packaged with 3 Double Decker Tacos, and the HSGI bleeder blowout pouch. This video is brought to you by Labzero Productions.


Advanced Outfitters – Dopp Kit 2.0

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

The Dopp Kit 2.0 from Advanced Outfitters is an excellent, ultralightweight organizer. It features three main zippered compartments with an additional zippered flat pocket on one side. I picked three up at Blade Show and use them as shaving kits for travel. The multiple colors let us know what belongs to who.

Colors available are Flat Dark Mud, Flat Dark Blood, Flat Dark Water, and “Nothing Flat or Dark About It” which is a Blaze Orange.

You might want to use these in different ways. Perhaps one could be used for signaling devices, one for first-aid and another for water purification. They are very well made and their utility is only limited by your imagination.

If you’re interested, contact them via the form on the site at www.advancedoutfitters.com/contact or message via Facebook.

TacHacker – The UnPouch – ShareWear from Advanced Outfitters

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

This ShareWear design from our friends at Advanced Outfitters is intended as a minimalist carrying solution. The UnPouch consists of bungee cord, a strip of 1″ webbing folded back on its length and sewn or bartacked every inch ala PALS as well as a cordlock to keep it all together.


As you can see in the photo, you weave it all together using your pack’s (or other platform) PALS webbing as a base. It’s all held together with the Cordlock but in a pinch, I’d say a knot would suffice. It will carry various bottles such as the Nalgene model seen here and AO says they’ve carried magazines that way too.

It’s an I the resting minimalist design but this recipe is just the beginning. Based on this concept, you could home brew all kinds of concepts. Give it a whirl. This is an ShareWear concept so feel free to share with friends or with us here at SSD.

Thanks to Advanced Outfitters

Blade Show – Advanced Outfitters

Friday, June 8th, 2012

The TERD Kit from Advanced Outfitters is an idea whose time has come. It contains all of your critical doody making materials. Seriously. Have you ever needed to make number two on the trail or in the field and realized the essentials are spread out amongst your kit?


Apparently, this happened to Advanced Outfitters owner Kevin Martin enough times that he decided to do something about it. He really is an old outdoor hand and came up with the Tactical, Everything Required for Dumping Kit. TERD, get it? It consists of a Ti cathole digger, 2 zippered pouches, 1 for TP the other for baby wipes / lady essentials. Also, it integrates a handy clip for hanging it from limbs, etc. It will come in a snazzy turd brown. Look for it, early Fall 2012 from www.advancedoutfitters.com

AO Small Chest Rig at Brownells

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

SSD friend Advanced Outfitters worked with High Speed Gear Inc to produce a special ‘small’ chest rig. With just 8 rows across of PALS webbing by 3 high, it is designed to carry just the essentials. In fact, it works perfectly with the HSGI TACO. This ‘small’ design also translates to weight. It weighs less than 12 ounces. It comes with an H-harness for comfort.

Brownells has picked the rig up and it is available in Black and Coyote. Made in USA!


Advanced Outfitters at BLADE Show

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

From TacticalFanboy.com

This is video of Kevin Martin of Advanced Outfitters demonstrating the company’s showings at BLADE Show 2011, including the new Khyber belts, adjustable weapons sling and badge sling.


Advanced Outfitters Khyber Belt

Monday, May 16th, 2011

I’ve had one for two weeks and it’s a great, simple belt. Some of the best things are simply built. Oftentimes you will get a webbing belt with a new pair of hiking pants but generally the buckles leave much to be desired by either being too bulky or slipping. The Khyber belt has neither of these shortfalls. The buckle is fashioned from a Tan ITW Waterbury G-hook paired with 1″ coyote mil-spec webbing to fashion the belt. The running end of the belt is secured in place by a ladderloc and to be sure it won’t slip, the webbing is doubled back. It isn’t going anywhere.

Designed for waists 25″ to 50″, additional sizes are available by special order. As the belt is only 1″ wide I do not suggest it for weapons carrying. AO is planning a 1.5″ belt and has unveiled a limited run Titanium buckle of a new design but single layer webbing just isn’t stiff enough for the task. Having said that, this new model will a welcome addition to the line.

AO makes three great points about the Khyber belt:
-The hook is super easy to get on and off but is secure
-The light weight and thin profile makes it great for hiking pants and shorts under pack belts
-The price; they are $12


The Advanced Outfitters W.A.M.P.

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

The Webbing Attachment MOLLE Panel (W.A.M.P.) is an exclusive product of Advanced Outfitters. It is PALS compatible and adapts to a wide variety of items. It is so versatile, you can add a PALS field to a civilian backpack waist or shoulder strap or even your sun visor. The W.A.M.P.’s sleeve design fits over up to a 12″ circumference and includes straps to cinch it down tight. What’s more, you can attach pouches either vertically or horizontally.

The W.A.M.P. attached to a waistbelt

The WAMP Attached to a Sun Visor

For more information contact Advanced Outfitters.