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Mil-Spec Monkey Wants Your Opinion

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Mil-Spec Monkey is considering doing a run of Nalgene bottles. They’d like your opinion on which logo you’d most like to see emblazoned on a bottle.


To vote, visit milspecmonkey.com/store/advanced-polls/msm-nalgene-bottles.

TacHacker – The UnPouch – ShareWear from Advanced Outfitters

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

This ShareWear design from our friends at Advanced Outfitters is intended as a minimalist carrying solution. The UnPouch consists of bungee cord, a strip of 1″ webbing folded back on its length and sewn or bartacked every inch ala PALS as well as a cordlock to keep it all together.


As you can see in the photo, you weave it all together using your pack’s (or other platform) PALS webbing as a base. It’s all held together with the Cordlock but in a pinch, I’d say a knot would suffice. It will carry various bottles such as the Nalgene model seen here and AO says they’ve carried magazines that way too.

It’s an I the resting minimalist design but this recipe is just the beginning. Based on this concept, you could home brew all kinds of concepts. Give it a whirl. This is an ShareWear concept so feel free to share with friends or with us here at SSD.

Thanks to Advanced Outfitters

Nalgene Oasis Canteens

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Nalgene markets the Oasis as the “Canteen Re-imagined” and for those who prefer a traditional style 1 qt canteen, the Oasis is a great choice. Made of modern materials but retaining the classic shape so it fits military canteen pouches and accommodates a canteen cup.

Nalgene Oasis Canteen

The Oasis Canteen has a thirty-two ounces (One quart) capacity and features the Nalgene 38mm narrow mouth closure with military threads to accommodate issued (NBC) caps. Lightweight and guaranteed leakproof, they don’t absorb odors or stain. The translucent color shows fluid level as well as cleanliness. What’s more, they are now BPA free.

Blackhawk canteens

Available in Blue, Grey, and Red from Nalgene. Blackhawk Products Group, on the other hand has secured exclusive rights to the canteens in Foliage Green and Coyote Brown and they are available with or without logo.